View Full Version : Sam working for 3E?

04-18-2010, 10:34 AM
I would definately like to see Sam working for Third Echelon again in the next game. Still with the same approach though. You know, with the cover to cover, krav maga and Mark and Execute. My idea would be Anna as the Director and Sam as the Veteran field agent. We would also have CO-OP with some guys who should have a good storyline, like... Pals from some time back. Like Vic and Fisher instead of fighting in the Cold War or w/e they faught those two CO-OP guys would both be American and would have been in the army and then became Splinter Cell initiatives who just finished training during the beginning of the CO-OP, that way to add some fun to it. Like they would constantly be screwing something up, not something important but like in a scene after shooting 3 guys one of them would be like "Oh ****, my gun jammed."

Like a pair of noob's recruited into Third Echelon. They would ofcourse always get the job done without any major trouble. They would also have CO-OP moves which they were not taught during their Splinter Cell training but they developed them together during their army years.

If one of them get's shot the other one would become frustrated and the screen would get a red tint and his health would raise and he would be able to go on a killing spree with brutal takedown moves.

They would both be childhood friends and have wife and kid(s) so when one of them goes down, when he is about to die and down on 1 he would say "Tell my wife and kids that my last thought were of them" and stuff like that.