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Mike Dora
04-09-2005, 09:30 PM
Can anyone tell me please, how to get a *.wav tune to work as one of the national menu tracks? I know where to find them, I know they are labelled de.wav, ru.wav, gb.wav etc.

But my problem is that when I substitute a preferred national track (eg Walton's "Spitfire Prelude and Fugue" for gb.wav), I only get the first few seconds of the new track before it loops round again. One thing I have noticed, is that the original *.wav menu files are only a couple of Mb long, while "Spitfire" is about 34Mb. Is there some special compression format I should be using?


04-10-2005, 08:30 AM
I don't believe compression is it, try substituting it for ru.wav as well, if you have removed them all except ru.wav....add your track back to the menu folder renaming it that.

So in a sense, both ru.wav & gb.wav in actuallity your desired track. (though there may be a way to determine what the default menu track is I don't know it....However do know RU is default, and tries to dominate everything and if not there you simply get nothing)

Mike Dora
04-11-2005, 08:46 PM
Thanks, tried that,same result. But I know it can be done, because I have the Italian Pack which plays the March of the Regia Aeronautica when in the "Italian" menu. This is another very short *.wav file, which adds to my suspicion that it is an issue of compression. Perhaps is the author of the Italian Pack spots this query, he could help?


04-11-2005, 08:52 PM
Check the manual...a specific mp3 compression type is used (with the .wav file suffix). It has to conform with specific frequency and bitrate or it will not work.

04-12-2005, 01:01 PM
Use MPEG Layer-3 audio format for your WAV file, 11.25Khz Sample rate, stereo. A symphonic track of 10 minutes duration will come in at 2.5Mb or so and will work fine in FB/PF.

Other Sample rates, for even higher quality, will also work.

Mike Dora
04-12-2005, 07:55 PM
"Check the manaul" - there's a novel idea, should have thought of that - after all, we had an old saying in the air force - "when all else fails, check the manual". Will go do it next, thanks.


Mike Dora
04-18-2005, 05:49 PM

Tried everything, I can get as far as an MPEG Layer-3 file of the music I want, of the right kind of size (~3Mb) .. but .. it's listed as a *.MP3 file, not as a *.wav file, so IL2 doesn't recognise it. So, enlighten me please - how can an MPEG Layer-3 file also be a WAV file? What do I have to do to change the one into 'tother?

(Baffled) Mike

04-18-2005, 06:36 PM
Can someone post a command line what should be used to convert, lets say normal MP3 into the file that can be used in IL2 music folders?

(for example line for BeSweet, very good utility --IMO the besthttp://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif-- for transforming audio formats, and also free).

04-18-2005, 07:14 PM
Basically MP3 with PCM output format. But don't know how to do it http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif.

04-18-2005, 07:21 PM
you need a few progs
it sounds like you have it in mp3 so all you need to do is add the riff wav
google for CDex
run it
click on CONVERT > Add RIFF-WAV(s)header to MP2 or MP3 file(s)
locate the file
iggity aigity oop, it's yours

04-18-2005, 07:35 PM
Yer right, I made it. Conversion done in 1.5sec. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

CDex,,, http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Mike Dora
04-20-2005, 06:49 PM
Thanks guys,

I've tried all the tricks & downloads suggested, still no joy. The roadblock I'm hitting, is how to have an MPEG Layer-1 file that shows up as a *.wav file, so that IL2 will recognise it. I can get it as a *.mp3 file, but IL2 does not seem to want to accept that.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


04-22-2005, 10:03 PM
Yeah m8, the procedure is so easy that it is laughable.

1.Take your .mp3 (make one if you don't have it http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif, but be sure that it meets requirements that are stated in manual -- use 44100khz stereo)
2.Open CDEx and select 'Convert' -> Add RIFF/WAV headers..
3.Look for the created file in the directory of original .mp3 what you used in conversion http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif. It will now have .wav extension.

That's it, just put the newly created .wav file in proper FB directory.

04-23-2005, 08:25 AM
I substituted the RAF and luftwaffe themes from the "Battle of Britian" movie....the cd is availible-the music they used for the dogfight scenes is great for in flight use.

I absolutely refuse to keep those goofy tunes that sound like the cantina band in Mos Isely space port on Tatooine (in star wars).

Anybody know where some appropriate wave files can be found that would work in the other countries? Somebody on the CFS2 sites had the German Panzer march from "Battle of the Buldge", but I lost that in a computer crash. Sure would love to find it again.

04-23-2005, 10:04 AM
Ok, I am at a huge loss here...This suddenly makes sense as to "why" a number of my wave files are not playing.....However, could someone point out a "simple" program for working with file formats to convert them to the proper compressions, bit rates and such....

Also list out what properties specifically a file needs...(noticed of my playable files for ex. bitrates range from 16-128 or so....)

This is all really greek to me, but have some extensive files that would make for great sound packs if I could just concert them.


Mike Dora
04-27-2005, 10:04 AM
Hacked it! Thanks to Marten for the last advice, this time it worked first time (that's "first time" at the umpteenth attempt that is).

So now I have Walton's "Spitfire Prelude & Fugue" for the Brits, the "Luftwaffe March" for the Germans, Tchaikovsky's "March Slav" for the Russians, Chopin's "Polonaise" for the Poles, Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" for the Yanks (played by my daughter's old High School Swing Band... ), and, er, the " 'Allo 'Allo" theme for the French... much improves the atmosphere!


04-27-2005, 10:29 AM
I'm currently googling the net in (so far futile) attempt to gain knowledge (http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif) about IL-2 scripting a bit.

So I can crate random playlist for, let's say in-flight tracks http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif.

Without that, all music will soon be very annoying (repeating in certain key non-stop).

If I can only came up with idea how to change playing track during the flight... http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_confused.gif

04-27-2005, 11:13 AM
Martin, see your thread in PF forum, posted a link to mine there.