View Full Version : Torpedo loading Problems:

04-09-2005, 06:50 AM
OK, I can't figure this one out...sometimes after I shoot torps...I get a auto reloading time that reloads the torps. I also know that you need enough crew to reload torps...but on some patrols they just sit and wait in the reloading cue's! "Waiting for cue to open up" Well, no matter how many crew I put in the compartment I can't get the torps reloaded (some patrols)and I try auto and manual...they just sit there with the red light and never load even if I have ton's of crew in the compartment! Does anybody know what gives? Sometimes they reload automatically and other times I get the red light and nothing! Why are they not reloading? Other than that...the game is awsome. It has been a real big problem though. I'm headed home and can't torpedo anybody because I can't get the torps to reload and if the sea is rough I cannot use the deck gun! It's a real pain. Sometimes it works auto and sometimes not! HELP!

04-09-2005, 06:56 AM
Well, the 2 main annoying problems with torpedo loading that can get you if you're only playing for a short while are

1. Not enough crew in the compartment


2. You're in silent running which prevents repairs, loading etc.

I remember waiting AGES for my torpedos to load... I had it on realistic reload but thought there was no way it'd take that long, sure enough it was on silent running >_<