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01-21-2005, 10:13 PM
post you're favorite sneaky ai stories in here.

Mine starts with ph p-40 mission. I take off and head for the harbor since i've played it before i know where they will be. I fly high looking for the first wave of zeros to make there runs. I look down and see the first flight come in low , so i roll over and head down after the last one. I over shot him so i go after the next in line , blasting him with a nice burst which sets him to smoking. I pull up and head back up to gain some altitude. I head out after the next flight i can find when i see tracers go by , so i dive for speed and then up for altitude losing him , or so i thought. I finally get a bead on another flight of a couple vals and as i'm heading in " boom " . I do the spiral of death and splash , game over. Wanting to know how and who i save the trk and as i watch i see the little bugger i sent smoking followed me everywhere i went from all kinds of angles and just tracked me until he finally got me! then he proceeded to fly right into the side of the mountain on his way back to his carrier! Persistant little buggers.

01-22-2005, 12:18 PM
I've been shot down by the 'flaming' AI more times than I want to think about, but the all-time worst example of AI sneakiness has to be the time I caught a raid by something like a dozen rear gunner-less Il-2s trying to sneak in to attack my base while my AI wingmen were distracted by a couple flights of I-153s. I'd chased one of the little bi-winged buggers almost 30km from base without getting more than a couple of bursts into him when I saw the cloud of dots on the horizon, so I just ran away from the smoking Chaika and circled around to the Sturmoviks.

I carefully snuck up behind the formation and worked my way forward, shooting at the oil coolers under the nose-if you aim carefully, a few MG rounds will start it smoking, and your victim will crash in 3 to 5 minutes. I had my flaps down, worked my rudder carefully, limited most of my shots to a quick burst, and enjoyed amzing luck, getting smoke almost every time on the first burst.

I set the entire squadron smoking by the time the leading Sturmovik got within 5km of my base, and I still had enough ammo left to pull off a spectacular deflection shot on one of the I-153s as my No. 3 dragged him past my nose.

By that time, I was out of ammo, and so I orbited above the base and waited for all the Il-2s to crash before landing. After 10 minutes, I got only two more "enemy aircraft destroyed" messages to go with the the Chaika I'd flamed.

After another five minutes, all the Il-2s had clearly crashed, and the last of the I-153s had skittered away, so I landed, a little concerned about what had happened to all my kills. The mission debrief (it was a static campaign, so no map or little 'crash' icons) only credited me with 3 kills more than I'd started with.

I had started a track as soon as we made contact with the Chaikas, so I was able to find out what happened. My No.2, who had NOT joined my wild chase into the boonies with the lone Chaika, had come up behind me just as I started popping all those oil coolers. Maintaining a respectful 120m behind his leader (me), he had put a few rounds into each of my last ten victims as he came up behind them.

I wondered why I kept hearing "This is Number 2. He's going down!" while I orbited the base...



01-22-2005, 01:05 PM
This is a bit embarrassing. I was flying a campaign mission and got distracted so I put my plane on auto-pilot. Well when I finally went back to the game my AI "self" had landed and gotten 3 KILLS! Hell, he did better than I could have.


01-22-2005, 01:44 PM
Something that I've noticed is the tactic a pair of 109's will use against a single enemy plane.

I've set this up severl times in QMB with me flying a LA5 or 7 or an I-16 against 2 109's. We meet headon, and then I turn hard to get on thier 6. As I gain on the 2nd plane that is following his wingleader, it breaks off. Here is were I have to make a dicision. I can follow either one, the 2nd plane that has broken formation, or the #1 plane that has continued on a straight course.

Now, if I follow the 2nd plane, the #1 plane will circle around and try to get on my 6. If I chase the #1 plane the 2nd plane circles around to get on my 6.

Oh yeah, and there's another trick they pull. As I gain on the plane I chase, it suddenly bleeds off his speed in an attempt to make me over run him. They seem to like to pull this one just as his partner is about in position on my 6, thus putting both of them behind me. Even if I don't over run the plane I'm chasing, I still will have the other lining up a ahot at me.

I've learned to just go after the 2nd plane and quickly put some hurt on him and then break away and hunt the other plane down and do the same to it.

01-22-2005, 03:59 PM
That is what I love about the updated in this game, you have to be "on top of it" during the whole mission, as the AI is MUCH more sophisticated in tactics than before. What you encountered is the classic "drag and bag" tactic by a flihgt pair toward a single pursuer. I've seen this also, and became quite careful in my "selection" on lead vs wingman. I've seen a more cohesive work by the AI now. Prior to this it was a typical hairball defense (none), but now many of the opponent AI will cover and fly in agressive pairs!

DL Moffet
01-22-2005, 05:00 PM
The worst I ever had was flying - thankfully - a noncampaign mission I built for the PTO using one of the On-Line Island Maps (Not 8, the one with the roughly recangular mass of islands with airbases on the corner islands.) whrer the allied airbase is on the north-west corner and the Jap base on the south-east corner. There is also a USN carrier I can fly off of if I select that a/c. If I don't fly off the set wayset I will not encounter threats, however, go south too far and there are Japanese ships and an A6M2 on CAP. This time I'd taken-off USAAF in a P-39D with bomb. I headed in, found a ship, level bombed it and sank it. I then climbed. Went to the Japanese Airbase, made a few strafing runs. Took some hits from FLAK. Decided I should return to base before the CAP showed up because my engine was now trailing smoke. I kept my eyes open and my head turning on the way back, saw nothin'. Once at base I descended, requested permission to land, got it, cut speed down, extended full flaps, dropped landing gear, entered approach pattern. Suddenly saw tracer zip past my cockpit, cursed and spat, punched throttle, looked back and saw the little rat ------- on my --- as I retracted flaps and gear. I never really had a chance though. I was shot out of the sky before I could regain enough speed to make anything but the most gentle of turns.
AI pilots do do much better now, but they are still incompetent flying NOE. On Rausch's last mission Bf-110's we were sent on a pre-dawn intruder mission against a VVS base near Askaniya-Nova. Intruder missions require a NOE flight to stay below RADAR. My rotte was the only to make it because all of the other 10 Bf-110's in the staffel commited suicide on a ridge that was in our flight path. One after the other: Boom! "AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!" BOOM! "Nummer Oct, return to base immediately!" "AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!" BOOM! as I flew along shaking my head in disgust. Evidently, I was the only pilot who realized that he had to fly OVER the ridge, not THROUGH the ridge. Doy!
Of course, my official report says everybody else got lost due to the atrocious weather conditions. That was just way too stupid to record.

01-23-2005, 08:18 AM
I must admit I do cheat a little when it comes to AI.

I have icons turned on on the map, and the map is assigned to a button on my joystick, so I can flip it open from time to time to see if any of the little buggers are trying to sneak up behind me. If I notice ones trying to get on my tail, I call for help and if I have any wingmen, they usually get rid of my unwanted pest.

Not entirely realistic, but it does save my life sometimes. Not all the time though, I still get AI planes that get in really close and shoot me to bits before I can call for help.

01-24-2005, 09:24 PM
Got me another one!

This from a different pearl sitting.

I was flying around , chasing a zero or two when i pull off and see a couple val's right in front of me. I line up my shots and open up , hitting the 1st val and setting her smoking. I move on to the next just in time to see tracers flying by me , so i peel off and spend the next few seconds trying to evade those pesky zeros. They wont give up and the following flight of zeros tag my winngie , he says he's bailing just as i get shot enough to kill my engine! Bail out ( as usual )! now i go looking through the enemy to see what there up to. All the friendlies are gone so just the enemies left all heading home. So im following the smokin val , waiting for him to crash and at least give me one kill. He's about halfway to my starting airfirld and he suddenly turns around and heads back towards the harbor! Huh! About halfway back , his engine quits so he's on a glide path towards the harbor.Little by little he gets closer and closer and as i watch , he's aiming for that one ship , firing at him from the corner of battleship row! Closer..closer and im thinking , he's gonna kamikazi this ship! Valiently he tried but came up a couple hundred feet short before he hit the water and blew up! Pilot and gunner never left the plane! I sat there in awe thinking of the real life times this must have happened and just thought "WOW" !

What a game!

01-24-2005, 09:54 PM
I suppose this isn't a sneaky AI story, but more of a pesky one...

I'm flying American P-40s over New Guinea, I think August of '42. As usual, we're on scramble, and as usual, I leave the p-39s to deal with the bettys (cause I certainly can't...) and my flights go after their escorts. I gain altitude over land and come screaming back down into the engagement toward the sea. Well, its not my luckiest day and I get shot up pretty bad pretty quick. I decide to call it quits and try and land my ship before she runs out of fuel, but as I turn around toward the sea, I see a ki-43 closing head-on with me. I panic, spray, and he promptly explodes. Slightly shaken, I continue the turn into my final approach from the sea and the rest of the jerk's flight spots me. I hear rat-tat-tat-tat-tat on my tail surfaces and I wince. As this first one buzzes by, I remind myself that a few .30cals never hurt anyone and I continue my approach. Well, soon enought, I again hear: rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat, and again, he buzzes on by. By this time, I don't quite know what to do with myself. Getting zilched on a landing because you failed to defend your airbase is a lot worse than getting torched on take off before you even got to fight. Well, in the end, one last pair of .30 cals that don't hurt nobody tore my tail off and I nosed into the ground and exploded, just before my wheels touched down. I wish I'd had the sense to save that track...