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04-06-2009, 11:28 AM
Can anyone tell me of a way to play EndWar in window mode? Thank you and ???????.

04-09-2009, 11:58 AM
This is an unsupported feature. However, it can be done. You can change the default setting of the‘StartupFullscreen’ setting in the PCOfEngine.ini file from true to false.

Again, it’s not officially supported by EW, but sometimes our developers/testers play the game in this mode and don’t have too many problems.

The file can be found here:
[installation folder]\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Endwar\OfGame\Config\PCOfEngine.ini

The following setting should be modified:

Just change it the "True" to "False".

04-10-2009, 10:55 AM
Thank you very much! ^^ I knew there was a reason I liked Ubisoft games. Very helpful personel as well as good games. :P

08-27-2009, 12:59 PM
is there a specific reason for having it in windowed mode? or is it just so you can multitask and stuff

09-22-2009, 08:34 PM
well, while waiting for a game in ToW (which takes some time...) you can surf the net and still monitor if you've got a challenger =D

For me, I use Alt+Tab.

04-03-2010, 10:14 PM
I've changed this to false in two different installation files, and nothing has changed. It still stays full screen. Alt tab won't even take me out of it.

04-03-2010, 10:39 PM
putting -window in the target doesn't work either. It just jumps right back up to full screen. I'd like to play this game without not being able to do anything else.

04-03-2010, 11:14 PM
Ok got it, my bad lol.