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04-14-2005, 02:27 AM
Now i admit iam no pc expert, I fly planes on them (mostly p47,s, which delight the LWoobles as they shoot me down).

Now my point is that i see, that you are abl eto find things in your netcache???, please explaine (talking about skins etc..)

Thanks in advance.

Marco aka Vittorio 1(2)

04-14-2005, 03:02 AM
when you fly online , people wear custom plane skins & pilots skins

they take time to load before you see them , but when you do , it means the custom skin has finished loading into your Netcach folder

04-14-2005, 04:03 PM
... If you enable downloads.

After you find these skins in your net cache folder, you can use them yourself by moving them to the appropriate Paint Schemes folders.

04-14-2005, 11:00 PM
without a dominant skin site around anymore , always Always ALWAYS fly with "Skin Download" ON