View Full Version : How to know when servers are down?

03-14-2010, 11:14 PM
Good morning.
I bought the game last week on the 7th and I bought it cause I loved the 1st one. Im actualy buying 2 copies evrytime of evry game I ever bought, one copy is for my play and one copy Im storing in my safe (most of my games are FPS)
what i want to say is that I am A good Custemer of games But In This Week I Expirianced 2 times problem with login due to servers problem.
I Understand that people are giving ubisoft a hard time and its understandable But Whats Not Acceptable Is that I have to Stay in the Dark not knowing whats going wrong.
trying to login and getting massages that the login INF0 is wrong or the "Save game" could not Sync.
How Would I Know Whats Going On ?
I Need To Know Cause Im Getting Iritated When I Cant Play !
So Please Tell Me What To Do The Next time servers go down?
Im 35 years old and iv been playing games Since the Early 80' on my *commodore 64* and AC2 is the most exiting one till today (thats in my opinion)