View Full Version : assassin's creed dlc's

12-12-2010, 10:11 PM
i love the ac games and much of the dlc's for them. the its a shame the one that started it all never got any dlc's. personally multiplayer needs very few dlc's. to not give more dlc's for single player would be a shame since the hype for brotherhood was far higher then the game really deserves. its not bigger in feel then ac1 or ac2, in fact its actually smaller since your only really dealing with rome and like a small road way like part of vianna. yes rome is huge, but by itself against the holy lands of ac1 (acre,damascus,jerusalem,masyaf, the kingdom) or ac2's (florence,tuscany,monteriggioni,san gimignano, apennine mountains,romagna/forli,rome) though rome is very little in ac2 and unexplorable.

being able to go to different places in ac's world is what makes the game so interesting, taking that out cost brotherhood a little since you lose part of the feel of it. sure the swimming the new weapons, the lifts, the new horses and riding through the districts of rome and fighting is cool. though truthfully its smaller then the previous two games.