View Full Version : My review after playing until level 2. Great game, Has so much potential.

10-28-2011, 11:02 AM
Edit: I'm on PS3.

This game is everything i hoped for, minus some very small details to make our life easier:

- The baseball game puts the fret number at the top and for a newb like me taking my eyes off the strings mean me missing the timing really badly. I personaly would like the fret number right over the strings if possible.

- The infamous 5 lives in the accelerators and other such riff training tool. Please get rid of these. They are annoying to no end. Even more since the loadings are way too long.

- The riff training tools are nice but i'd like a mode that walk me through the song at the highest level i'm currently at. If i play the song on the normal mode i miss all the double stops currently because i can't really practice them without destroying my score. And since the loadings are long... i don't like trashing my score for one note. Even if i need it to have a passing score. And because of the 5 lives... i'm unable to get to the part of the song where the double stops are. And i don't want to have to play everything at 100% to get to the part i want to practice.

- Did i say the loadings are long?

- Slide detection is very picky. At least on a classic guitar. Dunno about electric. Don't have one yet.

- Adding a menu with the list of all needed notes and double stops and chords would be nice. That way i could pratice placing my fingers in advance before playing the song. I guess the riff training would be that but the 5 lives again don't let me do it at my pace. Just a table with the different notes and chords and double stops would work too.

So far... that's pretty much the only things that made my life harder. Otherwise this game is awesome. It's a great learning tool and a lot of fun. Love the song list too. I don't think there will be anything else that will bother me song wise. Maybe another game since i didn't unlock them all yet. The tone tuner is amazing. I can't believe you were able to put all that stuff in there. Very cool.

So yeah... even without those changes the game is legendary. I believe the changes i listed might help the game though. Hope the feedback is useful

Take care Rocksmith team.