View Full Version : HOMM5 Crash on MAC and unreloadable

07-16-2009, 11:57 AM
I was playing my HOMM5 for about an hour and suddenly the game crashed and brought me back to the desktop. Since then I have not been able to select anything under my username for the Campaign games. Every time I'm trying to reload saved games it crashes. I can play the custom games but not campaign. None of the saved can be reloaded. What can I do except creating a new user and replay the whole campaign from the start? I can still play my friends saved campaign games. Somehow his username is not affected.

I'm using Macbook pro lepard, Mac OSX v10.5.7. The game version is HOMM5 v1.4. I tried to update to v1.5 and thought i did so, but inside the game it says it is v1.4.

HOMM5 crashing in the middle of the game has happened many times before, but i have always been able to restart from the last saved, even autosaves. This time nothing works.

Also, I'm about to get a new Macbook pro. Is there away to transfer saved data to another computer so I don't have start all over?

Please help!!! I'm new to Mac and don't know much about it. Please be specific in your explaining. It will be great appreciated. Thanks!


07-16-2009, 01:21 PM
Really, does no one knows anything about Mac and games? And Why does HOMM has so much problems compare to other games. Why is it crashing so much? I'm clearly not the only person with this problem here.

Please help!!!!!

09-04-2009, 06:27 PM
Same thing happened to me, with frequent crashes, and all my saves are unsalvageable, including both autosave function and manually inputted save games. Personally it really grabs my goat hairs having spending countless hours into my campaign, and what? I'm supposed to start over. Every save has been corrupted and won't load. And don't give me it's the graphic card. I have a couple thousand dollar MAC PRO, it is obviously the game is full of bugs, and should of never went to store shelves. Crash after epic crash.,, you fail Ubisoft, putting bug ridden crap out on the market. Shame on you and your testers. I've never experienced a crash or freeze, or lost information, on my system, before this. I don't even want to play it anymore. What I get halfway through and it decides to go bust again. This franchise I've loved since the 90's, needs the current team and testers fired. Way to go. When you push titles to market, with evidently no quality control it should be illegal. I should be calling the better business bureau, and making a complaint. Every other forum on this site about the game is people talking about their game crashing. It is pretty much willful incompetence. But who cares? You got our fifty bucks...and yes I'm ****ed off when I spend twenty plus hours of my life on something and have to write it off, I'm not some belly rubbing pacifists, with a silver spoon jammed up there, I work hard for the things I have. Shame on you Corporate pirates...