View Full Version : I Am Alive vs. Disaster Report

11-25-2009, 09:15 AM
I am a bit surprised this has not been brought up yet, but after reading the story i thought this was a remake of "Zettai Zetsumei Toshi" ("Disaster Report" in the US, "SOS: The final Escape" in Europe). The Disaster Report series has been quite successfull in Japan with an awesome 2nd part on PS2 and a 3rd part on PSP. The game wasn't that successfull outside japan although it basically has the same topic as "I Am Alive", the only difference is that the location is already an island when the earthquake hits in "Disaster Report".

Did anyone else play disaster report? The game is really awesome on PS2, one of my favorites. I was totally drooling when i heard about "I Am Alive", at first i thought its a remake of "Disaster Report", but that hasn't been mentioned anywhere, so i assume it's just the same topic?

I am aware that there is not that much known about "i Am Alive" yet, but I'm also curious - will be be a government conspiracy behind the earthquake, too? I think that was one of the cool things about "Disaster Report", that after you survived the first few days you only got into much more trouble when you find about about the governments role, its really dragging you deep into the story and i could barely lay down the joypad.

Well i just wanna say that I'm totally looking foreward to this game. After so many years ago I can't wait to "survive another earthquake".