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03-10-2005, 12:57 AM
I would like to present this scenario in which I feel gathering information on a target and then formulating a proper firing solution, and see what you all have to say about. Although I'm not a simulation die-hard, I truely believe SH3 will be the first simulation game that I will fall in love with. I do not know that much about WW2 Submarine tactics, and the equations and formulas for producing proper firing solutions. My dad was a radioman on a diesel right before they went out of service, and then transfered to a nuclear sub. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was a freshmen, and I should've soaked in those nights of games of 688 that we used to play with more attention. Anyways, I digress.

From what I've been gathering through online reads, and the wonderful donation by the community of the uploaded sections of the manual - there seems to be 3 steps in which you must gather data to formulate a firing solution for the torps (all mousework). However, given the 3 steps and not concluded in any order - it's the stalking of the target and the order in which the information is gathered that perplexes me.

My strategy, given the circumstances where I can execute with supreme stealth and speed to manuever (light escorts, lone target) would be to first, to get a range on the target just for a general note. Then, my next strategy would be to gather the speed and bearing of my target by trying to keep steady range and run an identical bearing. Then, after all that is done, I would then manuever my ship into the best possible firing position/range, gather information about the target range (last info gathered for firing solution in my 3 steps), then fire.

Of course, this would take an extended period of time, and depending on the circumstances - such stalking and information gathering might not be possible. You may have time only to guestimate the 3 measurements once before the target is out of your absolute best firing position/range. And running ontop to get back into position would reveal your existence, and diving to conceal would reduce speed and allow your target to seperate.

What'ya think? *shrug*

03-10-2005, 06:14 AM
Sounds reasonable to me. Watch out for having the scope up for prolonged periods of time, the DD's catch sight of it and all your hard work would be for nowt.

Remember later on in the war radar would alert the DD's from about a mile away or 4 miles if your surfaced.

If there is no DD's around, shadow until night-fall and run in with torps and deck gun.

03-10-2005, 06:44 AM
Hey HFX40, you an east coaster bluenoser too?

Cheers, Shoop in YHZ.

BTW I have been asking the same questions too about targeting, and I have been reading as much on Uboats as possible lately, and looking forward to trying to figure it all out in game. Should be loads of fun!! Several good books have helped a great deal. I agree with the above advice, stalk the prey until nightfall, then surfce attack. You will have the advantage of speed, and concealment, so you should have lots of time to work on Torp solutions. Just keep and eye out for escorts. Cheers. Shoopzee.

03-10-2005, 06:51 AM
From what I have gathered it is a few mouse clicks for the targeting information.

Bob Tuck explained it in detail but you point at the waterline of the target then the highest point of the mast and you get the range. Speed is gained thru observation and Angle on the bow is similarly gained.

All this is fed into the TDC and voila you have your solution. I am even gonna give it a go and I am dyslexic with numbers so it won't be rocket science but still immersive into what real Kapitans had to do.

03-10-2005, 09:06 AM
I'd have to say that what the manual said about getting target speed and direction is ****! Any true Mariner knows that all you need for a Targets Speed and Heading are Three things: U-boats heading and speed, targets relatve bearing and range for two different points over an elapsed time(two marks so to speak).

you should be stalking your prey for a while anyway so taking constant bearing and ranges should be second nature and you should have a good idea of where she will be at a certain time to set up an attack even if she is zig zaging.