View Full Version : Michael jackson the experience and black eyed peas the experince

08-26-2011, 11:48 AM
While michael jackson is a good game, but not great how so? Some of the dance moves you do wrong you get better points and other dance moves you do while you done it perfect you get almost..

Also the singing part that don't really sink with the voice meaning if I sang any song along of the lines of billy jean for example "billy jean up my love" only billy, up, love was registered by my voice even though I or my mother singed that line perfect.
I wanted to see if I was right, so I place the mic to a speaker up loud while only words didn't sink was (to, up) that was a example.

Have anyone experience that? If people say (no) I have some videos of people preforming those tracks.

Including the moves were hard to do meaning I have to play practice moves still and get bad result not knowing what I did was wrong.

So in black eyed peas, what I hope there isn't any singing along.. Would the game at least have something like slow mo from dance steps and tell you what move your doing wrong.

A lot of people are michael jackson fans, including black eyed peas fans as well.. But people don't wanna buy a game while it's not 100% working correctly also doesn't have the needed features.. Not everyone is a dancer.

I hope I get some results from this post, if you don't like my grammar please re frame from telling me.