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07-15-2008, 09:04 AM
Granted, this is actual chat from "Lockdown"...but it was probably the final time the Devs actually were allowed to answer questions. You can witness the beginning of the end for R6 in this chat with the gloating over the fact that they added respawns to what use to be a strategic and tactical franchise.

Enjoy this blast from the past..shed a tear...start a discussion...

<Ubi_Kurtis> Alright. As you may have guessed, my name is Kurtis, aka
Geiger. I'm a Sr. Community Manager working with Ubisoft in San
Francisco at this time I'd like to ask the Devs to introduce
themselves starting with XIII

<Ubi_Goliath> Hey guys, my name is Philippe Therien, i am a game
designer out of the Montreal studio and i deal mostly with the
Multiplayer aspect of the Xbox Version of lockdown

<Ubi_Kurtis> hah XIII must need mavis beacon

<Ubi_Kurtis> Palin?

<Ubi_XIII> Hello everyone, my name is Louis Lamarche, im the Producer
on Rainbow Six: Lockdown. I've been working at the UbiSoft Montreal
studio for over 8 years now. I worked on multiple project that
involved everything but more specifically online play.

<Ubi_Palin> Hey guys, my name is JP Cambiotti. I'm a Game Designer in
Montreal working on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lockdown. Glad to be here
tonight to answer your questions!

<Ubi_Kurtis> Deke Waters from Redstorm will be joining us Shortly

<Ubi_Kurtis> At this time I'd like to invite you all to private
message Kimi, Sabotage or Myself your questions for the devs

<Ubi_Goliath> <SiR|r4ku> ok, i hope this works (im irc noob) 1.Will
there be a shop system to buy weapons in the online mode (i hope not)
like in cs?

<Ubi_Goliath> Ok basically you will shop for items when you play in
P.E.C mode, thats persistent elite creation. We have a quartermaster's
shop where you purchase stuff like body armor and grenades.

<Ubi_Goliath> However unlike CS, your gear lasts a while you dont need
to buy new stuff every game.

<Ubi_XIII> [ mYm|Army ] The PC version is fully developped by RedStorm
Entertainment. The RSE logo appear on all Clancy titles as the people
from Redstorm are helping us develop these titles.

<Ubi_Goliath> Oh yeah one precision on buying gear, you dont have to
buy weapons like in CS , those are always free for you to use.

<Ubi_XIII> - Will lockdown be out for the xbox 360?

<Ubi_XIII> Ok, to answer this one. There are currently no plans to
make Lockdown on 360.

<Ubi_Palin> Question: <SiR|r4ku> 2.How many players are suggested for
the online mode - 16 or more?

<Ubi_XIII> Question: Why such a large delay on a product that was
meant to have been ready for review in march!

<Ubi_Kurtis> <BigSM> Hey Kurtis, first question I got is What will be
the Gameengine for Lockdown PC Version?

<Ubi_Palin> Rainbow Six Lockdown supports up to a maximum of 16
players per server on the Xbox. We support both dedicated and
non-dedicated hosts.

<Ubi_XIII> Basically because of P.E.C. and other multiplayer modes
being a whole game on its own, we wanted to have more time to polish
and balance these features.

<Ubi_XIII> P.E.C. has been a real challenge on XBOX because we didnt
want to ruin the 1st person MP experience that we had on R63 and Black
Arrow due to balance issues.

<Ubi_Palin> <Dunk_UK> I'm a huge fan of Rainbow Six 3 and Black Arrow
on the XBOX. I attended the UBI day in London earlier this year to
preview Lockdown on the PS2, it was great! What I'd like to know is
this. 1) On the PS2 version, people couldn't slow walk, has this been
taken out of the XBOX version?

<Ubi_XIII> In other words, a good player thats level 1 in P.E.C. can
always handle someone who is level 40.

<dekew> The PC is using a heavily modified version of the Ghost Recon
engine that will take advantage of all the work we've done with GR and
GR2 xbox, plus some additional graphics features we're planning

<Ubi_Palin> The slow walk is still in there and an integral part of
the game system. Slow walking helps you have a better aim. You aren't
flailing your gun as much as when you're fast walking.

<Ubi_Kurtis> This seems to be a popular question
<Ubi_Kurtis> [17:18] <tgsn> first of all the qusetion the whole clan
want to know
<Ubi_Kurtis> [17:18] <tgsn> why the big delays?

<Ubi_Kurtis> Simply put, we didn't have the game we wanted to release
and took the extra time to put the work into making it the game you
all are expecting.

<Ubi_Kurtis> We'd rather have you a little ticked off now and loving
us later for releasing a great game than rush the game out and have
you mad forever

<Ubi_Kurtis> <SiR|r4ku> will there be as many weapons in lockdownPC as in rvs?

<dekew> YES! we're planning on bringing back the weapons people loved
in RS, and we're working a new batch for Lockdown PC

<Kimi> <tgsn> will there be any new game modes over black arrow?

<Ubi_Kurtis> <[10-D]Lee> Will there be any extra features for the PC
version compared to the xbox ect like more guns ect? Also what rvs3
maps be used in lockdown?

<Ubi_Goliath> <tgsn> will there be any new game modes over black arrow?

<dekew> The PC will have additional / unique maps and weapons not seen
on the console versions. As for bringing back some map favorites,
we're looking into this

<Ubi_Goliath> We are bringing back the conquest and retrieval game
modes from Black Arrow , however with the addition of the classes and
skills system these modes are played with a whole new twist now.

<Ubi_Goliath> The whole character creation / customization system is
our new addition for Lockdown.

<Ubi_Palin> <Dunk_UK> Can people still leanwalk to make them harder to
kill? When they crouch down and do this slowly in one direction (when
breaking the lean), it makes it so hard to kill them.

<Ubi_Palin> There was a bug in Black Arrow that made players more
difficult to hit while they were leaning. This issue has been
addressed in Lockdown. You're still more difficult to hit while
creeping around a corner compared to standing out in the open though

<Ubi_Kurtis> <BigSM> Will the PC Version of Lockdown support more than
16 players?

<dekew> We will support at least 16 players. We're looking into the
pros and cons of supporting more as i type this.

<Ubi_Palin> <tgsn> will you now be able to switch game modes without
having to set up a new game?

<Ubi_Palin> You'll be glad to hear that YES, you can switch game modes
without having to drop the server.

<Ubi_Kurtis> <UcK|Divine> Question: What is being done to prevent
hacking/cheating yet still allow the game to be modded for the

<dekew> Well, first of all, we've reworked much of our networking code
from the ground up to detect and block potential cheaters. we're also
working with several different companies - punkbusters for one - to
ensure the online expereience will be as cheat free as possible. Also
we're working closely with ubi.com to make sure the ranked games that
appear online will be legit

<Ubi_XIII> <tgsn> ghost recon 2 for xbox has had a large amount of
downloadable content released can we expect lockdown to have a similar

<Ubi_Kurtis> <Rishnik> Question : (PC) How much customisation can we
expect this time around? Altho for balance reasons, the one attachment
in RvS was a bit limiting. Will we be able to do more to our weapons
for RS4?

<Ubi_XIII> You can expect a whole lot of downloadable content for XBOX.

<dekew> For pc, we're planning on a weapon attachment system that
allows players to choose their own scopes, suppression, and ammo
loadout (among others to be determined)

<Ubi_Palin> <[10-D]Lee> Will you respawn or will u have to wait till
the next round like in previous rvs games?

<dekew> We're working on (gasp) join on the fly for pc. we're tired of
waiting to the next round too

<Ubi_Palin> On Lockdown Xbox and PS2 you can respawn in most the game
modes. We've got some game modes that don't have respawn, for example
Team Survival.

<Ubi_XIII> <Dunk_UK> How will the clan matches work on Lockdown? Will
it be the same as on Black Arrow or is it different at all?

<Ubi_Goliath> <tgsn> are there weapons specific to each charachter type (xbox)?

<Ubi_XIII> We made it different on Lockdown by adding a new function
called the Squad Skirmish. Basically the idea behind this feature is
to give squads a better tool to find other squads to play with.

<Ubi_Goliath> In P.E.C mode weapon types are restricted by your
character class. However it's important to point out that over the
course of levelling up you will open up more weapon classes and be
able to use almost everything.

<Ubi_Kurtis> <UcK|Geforce|TWL> Kimi can you ask this one will they
have random spawn like rogue spear did.

<Ubi_Goliath> There are restrictions however. The Commando is the only
one who can ever use heavy weapons (we tweaked them alot).

<Ubi_Goliath> If i take the engineer class as an example. He starts
off with shotguns however after a few levels he opens up assault
rifles. Now the reason behind this is that it helps make every class
have a very distinct role in firefights withtout completly removing
your freedom of choice on weapons.

<Ubi_Goliath> As you level up your character, more and more choices
and tactics open up to you and that's where Rainbow Six Multiplayer
becomes unique. Your character will truly be a unique individual that
corresponds to your personal preferences in weapons and gear and even

<Ubi_Palin> - What aspects has the development team been working on
since the delay? Any changes or new features? What are we going to see
at E3?

<dekew> On random spawns - for multiplayer we're giving you the option
to choose from several spawn locations. this makes spawn camping much
more difficult - i hope that answers yoru question

<Ubi_Palin> We've been working hard to deliver a superior quality game
that you can expect from Ubisoft. We've put tons of effort on the
Multiplayer, making sure it's fun and balanced through all game modes.

<Ubi_Palin> The Singleplayer experience has been really tweaked, we're
sure you'll really enjoy the changes over Black Arrow once you get
your hands on the game.

<Ubi_XIII> [ RSFan ] There are currently no plans to develop a version
on R6: Lockdown on PSP.

<Ubi_Goliath> One new feature that are we adding for you guys is a HOT
new Heart beat sensor. You guys are going to be blown away by this new
toy. Its hightech and visually very impressive!

<Ubi_Palin> - Will the game be lag free?

<Ubi_Kurtis> <Sjors> Will you abandon the game as soon as it's
retailed and you've cashed all the money, only flooding it with
useless patches which only increase the number of bugs in the game,
addressing none of the real issues; just like you did with Raven
Shield (PC)?

<Ubi_Palin> With the internet, nothing can be "lag free". However,
we've been putting lots of effort on our network code and stability to
ensure the best online experience possible.

<Ubi_XIII> Don't forget to mention how much stress the HBS does! Use
at your own risk!

<Ubi_Goliath> I'm just gonna keep going on new features: We are adding
some hand signals when you order your team. They will actually be
looking at you when they can so that when you order them to move to an
area you will see your hand motion forward.

<Ubi_Goliath> It adds a really interesting touch of realism without
crowding the screen too much.

<Ubi_Kurtis> <markymr> Is there a scheduled date for a PC demo?

<Ubi_Kurtis> Not currently, we are however looking into the
possibility of a Beta test

<Ubi_Goliath> <thrill> Will hand signals be in multiplayer also?

<Ubi_Goliath> Hand signals are in single player only, since there is
no team to command in Multiplayer it wasn't necessary.

<Ubi_Kurtis> deke is answering Sjors from above

<Ubi_Kurtis> still typing

<dekew> Sjors - we're working with a completely different technology
with Rainbow Six Lockdown PC. We're developing it at Red Storm, where
Rainbow Six was born. many members of the Rainbow Six / Rogue Spear PC
team are now members of the Rainbow Six Lockdown team. We're
passionate to keep the quality high and we hope you'll see that
through the end product. We have full plans of supporting this product
as long as you guys continue to support us.

<Ubi_Palin> <Dunk_UK> On the PS2 version I played, throwing grenades
required you to select an aiming area. Will this apply on the XBOX

<Ubi_XIII> To answer a general question we are getting about the XBOX
Single Player mode: Will the game be longer then Black Arrow?: Yes, it
will by A LOT! The XBOX Version will have a total of 14 SP mission and
each one of them will span on multiple mission sections (2 to 3 each)
with different objectives. As for the PS2 version, it will have a
total of 16 SP missions.

<Ubi_Palin> The grenade arc really helps you to know exactly where
your grenade will land. There's no more trial and error. You can hold
down the "throw grenade" to have the arc appear, or you can simply tap
the trigger button to toss the grenade in front of you.

<Ubi_Kurtis> <BigSM> Will the PC Version HUD will be like we saw in
the XBOX and PS2 movies?

<dekew> also...we've tweaked the grenades quiet a bit since you've played it

<Ubi_XIII> <UcK|Divine> Question: Have any measures been taken into
account to make the game more "intereactive"? Such as moving objects
around, etc.

<dekew> The PC version is currently exploring several HUD uptions. we
want immersion, but we also want to keep things out of the players
way. We're also heavily exploring customization, so you can choose
which items to show where.

<Ubi_Kurtis> <Cynu> Will RAINBOW operatives forego protective head and
face gear in favor of black knit hats, ala RavenShield Xbox?

<dekew> We've spent alot of time with the characters of lockdown.
You'll really be able to differentiate the characters on all versions.

<Ubi_Goliath> Will we still get that xbox live amazing experience?
Because in RB63 for xbox live i could play 5 hours a day. But in
blackarrow I cannot play it anymore because its getting boring.

<Ubi_XIII> All versions of R6: Lockdown will present very interactive
environments. 1st of all, we have integrated the Havok physics engine
to make the game more challenging and interactive. Challenging: Be
careful as you move around the environments. Knocking a pot might
alert the AI! Interactive: expect to see items break, be thrown
around, fly arouns during a firefight.

<dekew> One of the biggest challenges we've had was to bring out the
"person" behind the rainbow characters, and i think most everyone will
see this immediately when playing.

<Ubi_Goliath> This is where Lockdown will really shine guys. There is
so much stuff to do in Lockdown and the game keeps changing as you
level up. So even levels are played a little differently as your
character changes. You constantly get new gear and new stuff to play

<Ubi_Goliath> We really put some thought into giving you guys a game
that will keep you entertained on Live for a long time.

<Ubi_Kurtis> <UcK|Defender> Will female character models still have an
unfair advantage such as being able to duck behind crates safely
without being shot where-as the male model would have his head
sticking up.

<Ubi_XIII> We've also made the world more interactive in general by
adding different mission objectives and disarming bombs. You'll have
to hack computers, shutdown security systems etc..

<Ubi_Kurtis> btw, if you don't get your questions answered, please
post them on the Ubi forums in the thread for E3 questions (I will
post after this)

<Ubi_Kurtis> and we'll try and get them answered by chasing the devs
down with a digital video camera

<dekew> No, the female and male models are very similar currently. All
skins are applied to the same model / skeleton, which keeps
multiplayer modders from creating any advantages.

<Ubi_XIII> <Olpus> HI. There will be a sequel of Lockdown for X360? Thank you!

<Ubi_XIII> There are currently no plans for a sequel at this time but
you can expect Ubisoft to work on a lot of great X360 title in the
near future.

<Ubi_Kurtis> That's it guys

<Ubi_Kurtis> I'd like to thank everyone for coming and sorry to those
that didn't get their questions answered

<Ubi_Kurtis> I'll be posting that thread so you can ask questions to
be answered at E3

<Ubi_Goliath> Thanks alot for the questions guys!

<Ubi_Palin> Bye guys! It was a pleasure.

07-15-2008, 09:26 AM
Wow what a joke.

07-15-2008, 12:20 PM
I'd like to speak to this Therein fellow. I'd really like to.

07-15-2008, 01:12 PM
Originally posted by neilthecellist:
I'd like to speak to this Therein fellow. I'd really like to.

I'd remember listening to his interviews for Vegas 2 and thinking to myself... Bah, it doesn't even merit reapeting!

07-15-2008, 02:06 PM
How many times did they use the catch phrase "Getting back to the roots" and "giving the fans what they have been asking for" in Lockdown, Vegas, and Vegas 2 interviews?

I bet not one of them could actually elaborate on that and list specific examples.

Talk about the boy who cried wolf...nobody can believe anything they say again...but it's not like we did anyway...

07-15-2008, 02:22 PM
Originally posted by AWC_Pest:
How many times did they use the catch phrase "Getting back to the roots" and "giving the fans what they have been asking for" in Lockdown, Vegas, and Vegas 2 interviews?

And Critical Hour (27 seconds into the vid): Link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGKP8mw9_es). http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif

07-15-2008, 02:27 PM
Originally posted by xoops:

And Critical Hour (27 seconds into the vid): Link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGKP8mw9_es). http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif

In the video they actually admit to reusing old material and acting like it is something good for the gamers. No wonder it was "such a good idea" to give us that <STRIKE>free</STRIKE> old map pack for Vegas 2.

07-15-2008, 03:01 PM
The funny thing is that with very little effort they could re-use old stuff and increase the longevity of the game 10X. All they need to do is move around the location of objectives and where the team's start.

I remember the "airport" map in Ravenshield had a day and night version and they both had the objectives in completely different places. That map had lots of possibilities.

07-15-2008, 04:41 PM
This is so full of crap! when you play letdown, you realized they were bulls***ting the whole community

07-15-2008, 08:50 PM
i wonder if any of these guys go into interviews with the mindset that maybe one day the words they choose will come back to bite them in the ***.

07-15-2008, 11:58 PM
Originally posted by AntiPersonnel:
i wonder if any of these guys go into interviews with the mindset that maybe one day the words they choose will come back to bite them in the ***.

One would like to think it the case. I hope it holds true when a certain former RSE empolyee's company releases it's game and everyone goes and plays it instead.