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01-02-2008, 06:22 PM
Hello All,
Am a newby and just installed SH4 including all patches in correct order. Have no problems with tech stuff (touch wood) but have a question in regard to my torpedos not hitting my targets.
As I am still learning this fabulouse game I have all the settings on easy ie targetting is on 'Assisted'. I am led to believe that once I have a ship in my scope with the little triangle yellow or green all I need to do is click on the little red 'S' icon to lock the target and it calculates the firing solution. This I do and then fire my torpedos then lower the periscope and wait for the result by watching the little 'event camera' of my torpedos to hit (hopefully) my target.
This doesn't seem to be happening. I heve tried several times, sometimes firing 6 torps at one target only to see them miss 95% of the time. I know this probably isn't enough info but am I doing, or not doing something simple?
Appologies for waffling so I hope the above makes sense. Lastly, I think this game is fantastic and have spent hours reading the forums and I am amazed at the kind, informitive responses by the experts. It's refreshing to see understanding and professional patience.
Thank you!


01-02-2008, 08:17 PM
I play the same way.Tried to do manual but can not nothing.So what I have been doing is tracking at PD and pre-set my torp.s at there proper depth.Then I watch and wait.Until my triangle turns green.Just as soon as it turns green I fire.Make sure you push (L) to lock on to you're target.then just wait.Also check to make sure you are at least 8100yds. for slow running torps or 4000yds for fast running torps.Remeber watch you're gages very carefully.Hope this works it works for me.Good Luck and Good Hunting

01-02-2008, 08:39 PM
Thanks Ken, I'll give it a go.
I appreciate your prompt, kind reply.
Happy New Year to you my fRIEND.


01-05-2008, 01:13 AM
well to start its not a true lock so ive found. the torps just go the path set and depth now angle the bow ahead of the ship your fireing at and youll see results if your following a ship make sure its not zig zaging you have to deturmin just how and where to send the torps happy hunting

01-05-2008, 09:12 AM
Happy New Year All


Hi Moses,

You say about the torpedos not hitting the target ship even after you have locked on them and let the computer set your torpedo firing settings?

I too had the same problem for a while!

Now you must know that my silent hunter 4 game is the v.1.0 first version without the patches installed as I don't seem to be able to get any of them installed?

Well, any way back to the problem of hitting your targets?

I have found that, Say you are off to the side of the passing convoy of ships and at say 3000 to 4000 yards so that you can use the fast or slow torpedo settings!

And you line up your first ship target in the periscope you lock the target ship with the red "S" button on screen, the ship lock triangle is say yellow But will change to green as the ship moves more across the view, you must think what is the ship doing next?

So you best watch it for a few moments in the periscope and see what it is doing i.e. changing course or staying on it's course?

If it is staying on course you must take the two readings using the two buttons at the buttom of the control panel called TBT's,
they send the data to the subs TDC which will work out the expected course and speed etc. for the ship to be if it stays on that course?

Now I found though many trys like many others that this is not a fool proof way to hit the ship? I found that you will need to add a bit of human planning too to hit a ship?

1> pick your target and lock it in the target triangle which should be yellow or better green and take the two TBT settings!

2> watch the target ship to see if it changes it's course?

3> if ship does not change course then you must take a 2nd TBT settings to make sure the setting is upto date?

4> if the ship is moving fast across the view you must have the "position keeper panel" on the left of your screen set to the "Torpedo Settings" mode by clicking that small tab on it so it changes from position keeper mode to torpedo settings mode!

5> in this mode you can set the spread angle and speed of the torpedos, You are best to move the angle wheel with your left held down mouse button to a small amount left or right of the "0" mark, if the ship is moving to your left move the angle wheel over to just a tiny amount to the left and if the ship is moving to your right the same move of the angle wheel to the right by a tiny amount?

6> Why do this? well, even after you locked on to the ship and set all your settings and even watched it for a short time in the periscope and done a 2nd TBT setting you fire the torpedo and it still misses the ship! Why, Because the ship has changed it's speed after you fired the torpedo? So that's why you must add a tiny amount to the angle wheel for the torpedo spread? When I say a tiny amount left or right of the "0" this is just a quarter of one of those white line markings on the angle spread wheel?

7> I even found that if you are trying to hit say a very fast destroyer which is turning away or toward you you have to change the spread angle wheel to as much half way or 3 quarters to that first white marker left or right of the "0" marked on the spread angle wheel and set the speed of the torpedo to fast at close range? after a couple of try's you will be able to work out how much to move the spread angle wheel for each ship?

8> Remember now gamers that once you hit the first ship the speed and angle and movement of all other ships there will change fast?
So you must pick the best targets first that are the least likely to change course?

9> I find it best to target the destroyers close to you first this will mean that if you sink them quickly this will give you more time to watch the merchants new speeds and movements as they will automatic speed off in all different courses to try and avoid your other torpedos fired?

10> any remanning destroyers on the other side of the convoy will speed very fast to your possible attacking placement near the convoy?

11> I find a good idea is to not only sunk the closest destroyers to you in the convoy but to also try and hit or even sunk the last ship in the convoy way over the back half of the convoy, So the remanning escort destroyers race over to the back side of the convoy to hunt for you thinking you are over that end of the convoy?

So after hitting your targets see where the remanning destroyers are and which way they are heading and dive down to a depth of no more than the max of that sub class ( check online at the forums for the safe subs depths )and tell your crew to set run silent mode( "Z" key )
And wait for the destroyers to start attacking that other place where they think you are?

And if they are far away goto periscope depth "P" key as you do so press the "Z" key on the way up so your torpedos get reloading again and when at periscope depth pick the new changed course targets and repeat steps 1 to 6 listed above and you be able to hit more ships!

Hope this is helpful?


01-05-2008, 07:34 PM
http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gifFantastic! What an awesome indepth response saturnman1963. In fact all responses have been helpful.
I have now practiced the advised techniques and guess what.....surprise, surprise it works! Ha!
Using the above kind advice I am now hitting my targets with a 90% success rate!

Thank you all again for your kind and informative responses!

http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/clap.gif Moses

01-06-2008, 01:41 PM

Hi Moses,

I am so pleased you have got some great help from my post!

Let me know what parts of the game playing ideas you found to be best?

And I've a amazing thing to tell you all?
I was playing a couple of nights back on sh4 on the the borneo convoy quick game and see one of the most amazing ship movements I have ever seen in a game! I had sunk the two closest destroyers to me over the east side of that convoy and the 3rd and last remanning destroyer was racing over to where like I said happens in the game when you sunk the last ship in the convoy?

And WOW what happens to the destroyer on it's way to find me?

It was racing backwards at full speed over to my right side in the middle of the convoy trying to avoid my first torpedo fired at it as it was doing this,
My other torpedo had just hit and stop the movement of a big cargo ship behind the area where the destroyer was racing and before I could fire a 2nd torpedo to sink that cargo ship, the destroyer crashed backwards at full speed into that cargo ship bow making both blow up and sink?

I was so shocked I quickly took a digital picture of the resolting explosion!

And I was abit pluzzed why this destroyer would do what seem's a very mad anti-protection move That sank both it and the cargo ship it was meant to save?

So I used the outside camera to check out the destroyer under water and see what made it do this?
I found that one of the torpedos I had fired before had hit it's rudder and locked it in the a full right hand side of the ship and since it was already racing backwards to avoid the other torpedo it could not turn to avoid the cargo ship behind it and to it's right side?

In fact I could hear the destroyer blowing it's warning horn like mad as it crashed in to that cargo ship!
Trying to tell it to get out of the way, But of course the cargo ship was by then stopped moving by a torpedo hitting it's engine area?

This is so amazing, it helped me in sinking the last destroyer and a big cargo ship in one go?

I am trying to post the picture of them blowing up and sinking now!
Hopefully it will work and you all see what I mean?

Saturnman1963. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/winky.gif

01-15-2008, 06:44 AM
Hi camenza and welcome to the forum.

one thing that will help you to hit your targets is to open your tube doors before you fire them (press Q when the tube you want to use is highlighted) when you fire a torp while the doors are closed it takes a few seconds for the doors to open then fire the tord in that time your target moves from where it was causing your torp to miss.

also don't lock the target aim for a bit fore of where you would like to hit this will tend to make your torp hit closer to the bow (bow shots tend to sink ships faster due to the water being forced into the hole the torp made)

also use the recognition manual so that you can set the depth of your torps (just becarefull not to set them too deep american early war torps tended to run deeper than set by a few feet and it is possible that the torp will pass right under neath the ship, plus torps that hit lower do more damage because of pressures and in the case of warships they are under the armour belt.

good luck and good hunting! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif