View Full Version : Rare Victory for Me...Yay Me, LOL

01-25-2010, 12:12 PM
DD's aren't fun targets for me, but I shoot at anything that moves that I can find. I shoot at them, they just don't like to get hit. But try try again. The usual sequence of events is I find em, I line em up, I send the torps down range, I watch em comb the wakes and they pound me until I sink.

Except for last night, I was getting thumped badly by a Wakatake class DD in the East China Sea. He flooded the after torpedo room, depth control became impossible, the boat was at a severe up angle and headed to the surface for the expected fiery death by gun-fire. I hit the surface, jumped on deck and hopped into the 3" gunner seat...in a brief demonstration of skill and expertise in a old west quickdraw contest, he missed with his first salvo, my first shot was dead center on his forward magazine...sure felt good to spend the next 10 minutes beating him to a fiery pulp while he lay there helpless for a change.

01-25-2010, 02:51 PM
Fun, but dangerous...I had so many DD's chasing last night in that storm I didn't no which way to go. One really whooped me. I was sorta mad shooting torps at any radar bearing I could half way figure would work. I lined up not seeing it letting loose and took out a Matsu DD that had been chasing me....teach him...

One trick, more in mods like TMO where DD's will kill you on the surface in a few seconds.
I get trapped in shallow water, I'll come up enough to just man the AA gun and blow their depth charge racks off and go back down. You'll get damaged and kill a few people, but may live. Least they can't drop charges on me.