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12-22-2004, 05:06 AM
I've just bought a new PC, and after installing PF i just installed the 3.02B patch. (Standalone PF installation).

I had PF installed on my old PC, using patch 3.01.

When i try to run PF now, i always get a "can't load xxx.map" when trying to start a mission.

I've probably done something wrong with the patch!

My questions:
Do i need to install patch ver 3.01 first, before ver 3.02?
I checked the updates page, but there's not one word about if a previous patch is needed or not.
I then searched the forum and found the following info:
"This 3.02b patch may be installed over the previous 3.01 version".
"May"? That sounds to me like i should be able to use patch 3.02 without ver 3.01 installed.

The next question:
It says about the xxxcommon.exe (which should be installed first of the two .exe in the patchpackage that i should be very careful to install it in the correct folder... but there's no info anywhere on which folder is the correct one!?!
I as
sume they mean the PF root folder, that's where i put it.

IF i need to install ver 3.01 prior to 3.02, should i uninstall the game and start over with a new installation or could i just apply the 3.01 on top of 3.02 and then apply the 3.02 again after that?

A readme accompaning the patch, with info about which patches are needed/what the patch does and how to install it, would be a good addition imo!

12-22-2004, 07:03 AM
I uninstalled/cleaned/reinstalled PF, now with 3.01 first, before 3.02 and it works now.

BUT! It's not nearly as fast as i expected. Strangely enough i have only gained about 20-25% fps in PF with the new PC! Something must be very wrong!?

I have gone from a P4 2.2/512MB RAM/Geforce 4 to an AMD 3500+/1GB RAM/Geforce 6800GT

I have all the latest drivers, and the system works like a charm with other games. I more than tripled the fps in Lock-On for example, and other games has seen simular increase.

In PF, i tested with 1280x960, every setting at max with no FSAA or AF.
Result: 40-50fps if i watch the sky, 12-15fps near the water and 5-7!!! fps near land.

Going from water=3 to water=1 + also going from perfect to excellent settings made it better but i'm still stuck with around 10fps when near land???
Over water i have around 50fps with this setting.

What can be wrong. It just can't be possible that i get less than 10fps with this system when i haven't even enabled FSAA/AF and haven't even got perfect setting?

As i said. EVERY other game simply flies.

12-22-2004, 11:29 PM
I've solved my problems!
Seems my claim "i have installed all the latest drivers" wasn't really true.

I tested my system with 3DMark2003, got 8300points and after checking all specifics it seemed that my system was a bit behind (other simular systems) in the overall score and a LOT behind in CPU score!?

I then found i hadn't installed drivers for the chipset, Nforce3!
I installed them and my 3Dmark score went from 8300 to 11100, and above all my CPU score went from 170 to over 900!!

Apparently other games i've tested has been more Graphic card heavy, while PF seems to need more CPU power (atleast when looking at land, which was where i had the worst framerates).

New tests, with the Nforce3 drivers, tells the same story.
FPS while looking at the sky has gone up just a little bit. FPS over water has gone up by over 100% and fps over land with over 300%!!

So: Don't forget to install the latest chipset drivers if you're having bad performance!

Now i'm happy! :-)

12-23-2004, 03:57 AM
I've just built a new system;

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (1.3 BIOS, October 2004 manufacture)
Athlon 64 3500+ Winchester
1G Crucial Ballistix PC3200 DDR RAM (set to 2-2-2-10)
250Gb Maxtor DiamondPlus10 16Mb buffer SATA HDD (not RAIDed)
80Gb WesternDigital Caviar SE 8Mb buffer PATA HDD
BFG 6800GT
Audigy 2
LiteOn 52X CD-RW
Panasonic DVD
Antec TruePower 550W PSU
XP Pro + SP2

I'm still setting up and haven't run any benchmarks yet but my impressions of PF 3.01m are very encouraging.

1200x960, perfect settings, water=2, 2XQ AA, 2X AF, quality IQ, vsync ON
My old system (which had the 6800GT O/C to 395/1000) would average about 35 fps in normal flight but would dip to mid 20's when things got hot or over cities, etc.
With the new system (and not O/Cing the 6800GT) I'm averaging 37 fps rock solid. It drops to mid 20s (i've seen it as low as 20) only on certain close-up views of cities from a distance. But down on the deck flying through a city, still 37 fps. So not a huge increase in average fps, but effectively steady as a rock. I expect the fps will rise a fraction when I O/C the 6800GT. I'm not planning on O/C the mobo, but I'm yet to set the "performance" settings n the BIOS, and I expect things to improve another fraction. Will be doing some BlackDeath benchmarks asap.

I interpret this as; eye candy was being handled fine by 6800GT in the old system, but when lots of bullets, damage models, etc. had to be calculated, the CPU became limiting. With the new system, CPU is effectively no longer limiting. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

I can say nothing about longterm stability yet, as I haven't run the system long enough.

And like you, I at first messed up my nForce drivers install. I used the 6.xx beta drivers which don't have the GART drivers! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_confused.gif PF was averaging about 20 fps http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif After I installed the 6.14 betas, it's all smooooooth.