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05-02-2011, 05:59 PM
Im very dissapointed in UBISOFT when it comes to ACB multiplayer. Listen to this: My target is 20 meters away from me and im aproaching at normal walking, sudenly, my targets second hunter is about to kill her but the target stuns him with a smoke bomb and then the fist. Now comes the great part: While im still about 15 meters away and walking, suddenly my target warps to me like a flash and punches and stuns me. WTF?! Even if this was a lagg, he could NOT possibly see me coming! Second story: Im playing a usual match. Suddenly, i get no hunters on me but i get murdered 4 times in a row by a invisible hunter! The kill clip gets in motion but i dont see the killer! Same match, i get to my target but i cant kill her! i click thousand times on my mouse but nothing, like im 100 m away and im standing right next to her! Story n 3: i play a match suddenly i get a target character, right top corner of my screen but the circle in the middle is EMPTY! No blue colour, nothing!Story n 4: i play as "usual", get close to my target and about to kill, suddenly, my target dissapears and the full blue circle gets almost empty (with just a little bit of blue inside) and the target gets to the far side of the map instantly! OMFG!

Fooled me once UBI (i preordered ACB 6 months b4 they announced PC release date)

Fooled me twice (teleporting targets, invisible killers, no blue colour in the circle, constant server connections lost, port openings....)

Not gonna fool me for the third time. Im not PAYING for any of ur games any more. Going the other way around next time a UBI game comes out.

05-02-2011, 07:52 PM
this Company failed in every sense
i buy it the game up to now i can't play with my key fk company and fk suck support i was love game ubisoft now i hate all game from this company

05-03-2011, 01:37 AM
If you are having any issues please make sure you contact Ubisoft Support with them so they can be resolved. The link is in my signature. There are also Feedback threads to post in.
Please make sure you do this without bypassing the Language Filter and remaining respectful.

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