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08-12-2006, 06:34 PM
And she still wouldn't sink! They all detonated properly, but she never went down. How many does it take? (Using GW)

08-12-2006, 10:17 PM
http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-indifferent.gif Here's the deal slick: 4 torps mighta done it... if they were deep enough. Ever see the belt armor on a battleship? About 5 layers. It'll take your breath away... and a lot of TNT.

08-12-2006, 10:33 PM
Playing GW, I met the Nelson and Fiji in Loch Eve. Put 4 salvo inot the port side below the waterline with 3 degree spread. reloaded and put two, one in front the other in the back. Awesome secondary explosions, took 6 but was worth the kill. Fiji took 4 torps.

08-13-2006, 07:38 AM
Ok, here is how I sank my Nelsons in Loch Ewe, no mods. 1st of all, the engine room can be set off with one well-placed torpedo, but ONLY if its a keel shot AND the engines are actually

running. So, I fire 2 torpedoes. Fire one below the forwardmost gun turret, wait 5 seconds, fire second under the third turret. The ship will see the first torpedo and crank

up the engines. By the time of the second torpedo impact, the engine room should be right above it. It takes some experimenting with distance, but you can pull it off too. Now, the

question is, how on Earth does a ship fire up a steam engine in a matter of seconds??? Does water not take a while to warm up before it boils? Or did those ships use diesel engines?

08-13-2006, 02:45 PM
I seem to think the salvo to be a little over-rated. While playing GW's the other night I encountered a large convoy which was to be cutting across my stern. When they did it was almost perfect AOB, lined up a shot on the Southhampton Cruiser which had buried itself amongst merchants and sent one at 2 or 3 meters. The secondary explosions were catastrophic leaving what I think may have been the biggest fire I've ever seen in SH3.

Heres a screenie of the cruiser post-explosion from where I was hiding.

The point I'm trying to make is its a matter of luck, me in the dark barely able to see the target sink one (maybe poorly placed shot) into her side and watch the 4th of July fireworks show all over again. I set depth for 2 or 3 meters with impact pistol - Not sure where I hit her...


08-13-2006, 03:52 PM
@ FH, how the ship does it is this,
The water is already what is known as 'Super Heated steam' 1265psi of superheated steam, running through a turbine engine means that all you need do is open the throttling valve on the inlet. With a turbine that size, there'd probably be four or six of them. It would take a good 5 or 6 mins for you to notice a speed increase of a ship that size, for this reason, you would consider changing tac would be a better course of action. On a DE however, a change in speed is almost instant. If the Nelson has expansion engines and not turbine, then it is still only opening the throttling valve (each engine would only have one) but it would take longer to increase in speed. To answer your question, no, the steam is being made anyway, the engine is throttled to how ever many revs they require, all unused steam goes into a condensor and condenses back into boiler feed water and the cycle continues

08-13-2006, 05:42 PM

I am not sure about the ship, all I know is that is was friggin HUGE and there was three of them. They were surrounded by every type of sub death you can imagine and it literally had me shaking while playing the game the whole time I was in the encounter. (never played a game where I felt this way)

I dont know how to get names of the boats as I run no mods, but I do know a battle ship when I see one and my god.. seriously they looked like mountain peaks on the water.

I was in close around 2800k or so perfectly lined up, in between the BS line and destroyer line (VW if i remember correctly) and p depth, poping my scope up and down at waterline to keep an eye up. I realized I only had one shot at this thing so I set my eyes on the first one. This would put me inbetween the lead clemson and the first VW which would be behind me before after I fired.

I loaded every officer I had into my front tubes, had six torps left from previous encounters and though, "I can do this", but if the four dont sink it, I might get one reload for five. I set all my torps to impact, and let them rip. Praying one didnt premature in the 7mph winded water.

They all hit, every single one.. even the fith one I sent on its way before I 1 knoted to 60ft. AND THE DAM MOFO STILL DIDNT GO DOWN! BUT, it did howerver come to a complete halt.

After over an hour of dodge play and hiding (I admit I thought I was gonna die from frustration, as I hate dodging and hiding) They finally left me alone AND left the BS to just sit there? I wouldnt ever imagine they would do this in RL but much to my surprised they did. I waited to make sure they were off my sonar.. p depthed into a perfect arch for my final 6th torp to sink the bastard. This after over an 1 1/2 hours of shaking. Finally I would get my first BS.

I launched the torp, watched the beauty of the moment with the overhead camera.. chasing the torp all the way to its final glorious moment!

and then


But guess what.. I DIDNT GO DOWN!.. The stoped BS instead of sinking.. only then decided to roll over almost completely on its side but STILL stayed afloat. NOOOOOOOOO!

I brought my gf into the room to look at this amazement of **** only to have her laugh at me and leave. fuel to the fire i might add. It was the first time I prayed that the weather would get crappy.. where is the 15mph winds when you need it! I sped time for over 1/2 hour getting some coffee and doing the dishes and when I came back.. there it was, laughing me in the face. No guns, no ammo, no torps and NO FRIGGIN BS KILL.. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

ah well. lol it was a moment scared in my noggin still unto this day.

great game!.. moments like this make it fun, albeit in a frustrating way. I have yet to sink a BS since then.. as its the only one I have ever seen in open water.


08-13-2006, 08:42 PM
Well sometimes stuff happens, I've been at this game for nearly 12months now, modded to GW, playing at 100% realism. It took me 4 fish to down a coastal steamer last night, all because I hit him amid ships. If you want to sink them fast, hit the bow when they're at speed, won't be too long before the bow goes under.
Good luck

08-13-2006, 08:45 PM
Just saved my 9th Patrol. It's a rebase from Kiel to St. Naz. I've had the same problems... until tonight. I finally got it I think. I'm playing GW 1.1, 79% realism, no external views.

9th patrol: in Southhill (or what's that place north of Norwich). 2 Passenger Liners, 1 Frigate, 1 Hunt I, 1 Frigate, 2 Trawlers, 3-4 PT Boats, 1 Subnet to the NE (spotted it with the periscope underwater), what else...2 tankers, 2-3 cargo, + 2-3 merchants. Cutting long story short, I aimed for the 1st liner, fired 3 torps, killed it. Going for the 2nd I (miraculously peeped out into the water for a net and lo and behold... a net emerged out of the 3 AM darkness... all reverse ! anyway I was forced to kill the big (er) warships before doing a surface torpedo attack on the 2nd liner. Took me till 09:00 game time. All the time I was wondering if I will have enough torpedoes to sink the 2ndf liner. As I aimed for the first detroyer from 400 meters. I looked at the recognition manual and again by luck I locked the target simultaneously. On the recognition maual came 4 boxes specifying the locations of the weak spots ! It was easy as cake after that. Aimed for the rear ammo bunker, hit it dead center ... secondary explosions ripped the thing up. Same with the rest except the frigate which took 2 torps.

Aiming for the liner, i locked the target pressin "L" and there were the weak spots on the recog manual again ! Brilliant, looking at the fuel dump, I let ONE single torpedo rip and wham whole thing went down with a single torp.

It's key with GW to hit the ship at the right place, and if you lock the target you can see where the weak spots are located. You can also simply clikc one of the weak spots and the torpedo is aimed there (provided you are not using maunaul targetting). Of course it's far better to aim it yourself. Hope that helps sinks some BBs. remeber that the weak spot chart seems only to appear at reasonably close range. My biggest problem was not hitting the ship but knowing where the weak spots are.

I hit Loch Ewe on the way home from a patrol, had 5 torps left. Went for the 2nd Nelson kill, this was patrol 8 I think. At that time I didn't know you can see the weak spots on the recog manual. I'm sure I can kill it now with maximum 2 torpedoes. It's really easy when you know where to aim. Give it a shot and the get your girl to come have a look at the burnign wreck, and give her a laugh right back !

08-14-2006, 02:19 AM
i would love to show her that burning BS.. but doubt she would find the same enjoyment I would http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

ty for the suggestions though .. i tried gw but unfortunately i didnt like all the ships on map being black boxes.. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif just me though. I am switching up realism after each completed career to a little more difficulty.

im not sure the soft points are shown on the regular recognition manual.. i never use it to be honest cause if its red.. its dead. but the times i have used it ive never seen any where to hit locations.. could be me though, i may have just not noticed.

ill get me BS.. just have to get lucky.


08-14-2006, 05:25 AM
Try the manual at close range, it probably shows the weak spots once below 500 meters.

08-14-2006, 11:07 PM
Thank you all for the replies. I never managed to see a Nelson again. But I did manage to sink a light cruiser on the 12th patrol with this crew though. Almost sunk while doing it too. Two front compartments were flooding and she had gone below 180 after firing 4 torpedoes at a Dido LC and wouldnt respond while destroyers were still above. The first attempt to blow ballast was unsuccesful, and she didnt stabilize until after the second attempt,once the flooding was finaly contained by the repair group. Close call, but it feels great to have made it out. I love this game, it allows you to feel a lot of what is going on.