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11-25-2005, 01:09 PM
Hi all!

None of you will recognize me for sure, but I used to be a frequenter of the boards. Unfortunately, I got side-tracked and haven't really been on in a year, but I've come back to il2. I love playing online and always wanted to get in on the action of Hyperlobby, but never had the money to buy a headset, so I would play ubi.com. Well, I went there last night and I didn't see any servers with PF/AEP/FB. It was all either AEP, or PF. Well, that's not compatible with my game. I did the whole all in one thing. So, does anyone know where a good server is that doesn't require a Teamspeak and is PF&AEP? Or, am I completely off on this question, being that for whatever reason you can't run a server in PF/AEP.

Finally, one more question: which patches would I need to download to up to speed with the majority of servers? I have V3.00, so I'm kinda behind.

Thank you and good flying.

11-25-2005, 01:20 PM
PF can only be insatlled on top of FB+AEP or as a standalone.To play on line with the merged version you need patches 3.03m,4.01m and 4.02m.To play PF as a standalone online you need 3.03,4.01 and 4.02.

You do not need a headset to play on HyperLobby.Most feel it makes the experience more enjoyable but not necessary.

At HyperLobby the Forgotten Battles room is for the merged version.FB+AEP+PF+patched to 4.02m.

There is a seperate room for PF standalone.

So just download the HyperLobby client at http://www.hyperfighter.sk and come on in.There are plenty of people in the chat that can help if you have a game problem.

And when you get a headset all the better.I have seen them new for as little as $3.00 usd.My first set was only $10.00 and is still going although I have upgraded to a better sounding set.

11-26-2005, 04:51 PM
Thank you for your reply. One more question though. Where do you put the file after you have downloaded it? I can't remember where to put it.