View Full Version : P-40C, a blast to fly in Finland as Russian pilot!!

11-22-2004, 06:38 PM
In offline campaigns the new early P-40s don't have much of a place in the PTO. But ever since I ( historically ) added the P-40C to the Russian arsenal, I decided this is the place for at least this particular model. It flies well against AI 109s such as Emils and F-2s/4s and is more than a match for Fininsh G.50, the Hawk 75s and both the Hurricane Mk.I and the B-239. As a matter of fact I just flew a mission where we ran into all four of those planes and we killed all of them except for a Brewster that bugged out and went home, with no losses on our side. You might want to try this nice fighting/flying plane in Russia like I did. It did seem weird to shoot down one of the P-40s older brothers though, the Curtiss Hawk!!!

11-22-2004, 08:23 PM
The early P-40's are still da bomb if you're accurate with your MG's and keep a smart dogfight about you. Just like the Jug, turn fighting is illegal, most of the time power dives are a must, and oh is that roll rate lovely! It's one of my favorite new planes. However, it's drawback is its slightly weak firepower. You need to be very accurate, as said above, even though most Soviet Pilots that flew the early P-40's took out the .30 cals in the wings anyway. I had a tremendous dogfight in a P-40B yesterday against 4 Ace AI Bf-109K-4's in the QMB. I avoided the head on with a very nice barrel roll, split essed, and immediately wound up on one of their tails. I followed them with combat flaps (generally a no-no) until they all started climbng. One of the things I'm fond of doing, especially with 109's, is holding my fire until they present me with a target. That nice DB605a engine looks fabulous in a reflector gunsight. With a few quick bursts the 109K lights nicely. However, the toughest fights I've had in it are against Ace AI Ki-43's. They're darn tough to hit, and in the words of Maj. Richard Bong:

"The only way you can shoot down a Ki-43 is if the pilot ain't lookin!"