View Full Version : European CE

04-28-2010, 08:01 AM
Hello, I just recieved my pre-order of the CE and I'll share the content with you.

Pre-Order Case:

In this DVD box is a DVD with the making-of, a piece of paper with a code for the Spas-12 and a paperbook of the Splinter Cell comic. (No PDF format!)

Game Box:

In the solid DVD case there are 2 DvD's, 1 being the installer disc the other being the soundtrack disc. With it comes a manual (about 25 pages excluding credits. It also includes a piece of paper with 1 code to unlock all 5 extras. The DvD case is quite "weightier" than your avarage DvD case.

The statue is your average Anima statue, I haven't opened it yet but it looks quite nice from the outside.

It's a shame the American version had everything on a data stick. Can't wait to start installing while I turn the pages of my manual!