View Full Version : Diamond Membership Frequently Asked Questions

12-14-2011, 05:53 PM
Ever wanted to know something about Diamond Memberships or Jade Card gems? Here is the place to find those answers!

How much do memberships cost and what is included?:

<span class="ev_code_BLACK">1 month: $7.95
You get: 1,000 gems up front and 1 gift</span>
6 months: $6.95/month (one time charge of $41.70)
You get: 6,000 gems up front, 3 gifts, Silver Badge
<span class="ev_code_BLACK">12 months: $5.95/month (one time charge of $71.40)
You get: 12,000 gems up front, 5 gifts, Golden badge</span>

What does auto-renewing mean?

Diamond Members auto-renew at the end of your subscription. If you purchase a 6 month membership it will auto-renew at the end of those 6 months. That will charge you another $41.70 and you will get another 6,000 gems.

When do I unlock a bigger room/dresses/etc?

You unlock different things as you progress in talent levels. Remember, you need to wait 8 days between talent levels!

See this thread (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/7181012249/m/7671018539?r=1611078159#1611078159) for more details about when certain things are unlocked! (thanks Jennifer Lovely Melody!)

How do I cancel my membership?

You need to submit a Support Ticket to cancel your membership. There are instructions on how to support a Support Ticket in the SOS Lifesaver thread.

What do I lose after I cancel my membership?

You will lose your bigger room size and most design table features. You will no longer get an allowance of Jade Card gems. If you have additional avatars, you will be limited to only your original avatar. Also, no more access to higher levels or exclusive challenges, and no more access to VIP areas of the map.

What do I get to keep after I cancel my membership?

You will be able to keep any items you made as a Diamond Member and the level of your avatar, but will not be able to access Diamond Member only levels and challenges from here on out.

What is the highest talent level I can get to after I become a Diamond Member?

Right now there are challenges up to level 5. More levels will be added soon!

Are there any new places or items planned for Diamond Members?

There are plans for new locations, items, and other exclusive content, but not that we're ready to announce yet. Watch the FYI! Island News thread for these types of announcements.