View Full Version : NO COKCKPIT VIEW?!?!?!

03-17-2010, 12:29 AM
Heroes of the Pacific had a cockpit view. One would think if you make a sequel it would have the same views and keystrokes that the former game had. NO! They made a flight sim without a cockpit view. Here's what they say:
"Heroes Over Europe only features an outside view. While we recognize that many PC and flight-sim players prefer to play in a cockpit view, Heroes Over Europe is an arcade flying game for consoles and PC, and the inclusion of cockpit views is not a priority for this style of game. Justin Halliday"
Well Justin, ever wonder why you haven't sold as many units as projected? Could it be that you changed TOO much from the original? Blazing Angels, Heroes of the Pacific and also HAWX has a cockpit view, you know why? They are FLIGHT SIMS!
Let's not also bring up the lack of keyboard mapping options issues, Even after 1.02
You would of done better if you just kept the original flight model and added the extra graphics.
This one is a turd, and not even worth the $7.99 I paid at Newegg.
Let's not mention the Wave upon wave on easy level.
Lack of testing is the biggest issue, also having a developer that has never flown or knows what a flight sim really is.
You have broken my ties with Ubisoft with a Poor Product.
You should of played Heroes of the Pacific BEFORE taking on this project. If you could get though it.