View Full Version : Here we go again...

01-27-2010, 03:59 AM
I hope thet Ubi's internet connected game will run as good as Infinity Wards because you can protest as much as you like about this system but they will do it regardless.

The fact that SH5 only sells a few ten thousand to a specialist audience rather than the million or so Call of Duty by Infinty has nothing to do with it, its back to basics its back to bucks...but you dont always get a bigger bang for your buck!

Its nice to know that things havent changed around here, UBi still plodding along totally oblivious to the gamers, still doing their own thing.

So will the game be in an unfinshed ready to be patched up mess like before? Thats why I quit as moderator and quit the forum as a whole.

But being the eternal optomist I'm back again, fool that I am, never once bitten twice shy with the Ubi crowd ooooh no.

A slow learner and being a bit dim all helps of course.