View Full Version : How do I get from Level 8 to Level 9

11-12-2006, 04:00 PM

I'm lost at the moment. I've just rescued the Dame from the Giant Spider Liar. She runs off and I follow her to a point where she stands in front of a gate which can be opened with a lever. Where do I go from here- should she follow me or should I follow her. She just stands around looking dumb and I'm lost?

Can somebody who has gone from level 8 to level nine give me a clue?


11-13-2006, 04:46 AM
after you pull the lever, you wait for the elevator to come down (dont go in yet or you get squished like i did :P)and get Leanna to follow you up the elevator. then she opens the portal and you go inside it (leave her behind), and i think you're back to where you are in ch3 (when you steal the crystal from Arantir), then you're supposed to exit by the sewers.

11-19-2006, 10:21 AM
eh - I think there's a bug with leanna, but you can complete the level w.o. her.

first you need to go up from the lair again and read the necromancer's journal - somewhere on a big stand in his room, which is reached by one of the exits of the circular hallway that leads to the elevator to the spider's lair.

Then head back and just make sure Leanna is not killed in the big dissecting room or on the way towards there - after that there are no enemenys left if you cleared the level before.

head up to the entrance of the level (the former red portal you entered by), either by stairs or by elevator, and if you have read the necromancer's journal before you can reactivate the portal ("E"-key) and step through.

As long as Leanna is alive at that moment (she does not need to be near you) the next loading screen will tel you that you saved her and the game will continue with optional quest "save leanna" solved.