View Full Version : WTH: after all the crap I read still no official "no server" patch?!

06-29-2010, 01:10 PM

I just planned to buy 3 copies of settlers 7 for me and my friends to enjoy, but after reading comments and messages on this forum..

I can only ask WTH ARE YOU THINKING?! I mean people have to hack their games to be able to play NORMALLY?!? This is just too crazy.

I mean the game is beautiful, I have seen it, I have played it, I wanted to buy enough copies for my friends to enjoy and WTH is this?! Single player game pausing until the network connection is back?! That's the most ****ed up thing I have ever heared!!!

Who would buy a car that would stop every time sun goes behind a cloud?!?! Your marketing guys must be on some heavy and EXPENSIVE drugs to come up with a scenario, where hacked game is BETTER than the legal version.

So publish official no-server patch and I'll consider buying this for my friends, until then I'll enjoy the improved version.

06-29-2010, 01:37 PM
Again: One of my friends is a die-hard settlers fan, he has played most of them and enjoyed it.. and HE says that it's probably wise to wait for some time until the stupid problems that SHOULD NOT EXIST in the first place are fixed..

Do you understand that you are losing, not winning money?!? All you can do is to make a good game. Then hope that people will be happy playing it. Then enjoy your well-deserved cash. All I can say is that your silly attempts to hold THE WHOLE POPULATION by the throat are just amazingly misguided..

And all this with a game that is all about economy.. generating resources, having multiple ways to conquer, etc.. And then you choose a method like this silly monster-DRM?! I mean how can you tolerate the sickening irony of this failure?!?