View Full Version : Our efforts to have anything changed (pre - release) are too late now anyway BUT...

02-09-2010, 04:00 PM
I have been playing since back in SH2 days but actually the Silent Hunter Series has only been good due to the community.

SH2 was one dimensional ...even back then.

It was the community that bullied Ubisoft into making a real dynamic campaign in SH3.... when they wanted a simple scripted one -- remember that? Remember how much pressure and uproar there was on the forums? Ubisoft really didnt want to be bothered.

It was the community that after release modded SH3 into a FAR, FAR, better game than Ubisoft could have dared to dream of....

SH4 seemed rushed, shallow in simulation terms and generally undercooked..... we even had to mod in the German voices for the U boat add on for crying out loud.

As for SH5, well.... nothing will be changed now Im sure.... so YET AGAIN it will have to be the community that turns a limited simulation into something greater and broader.

We shouldn't be surprised.... but hanging in there could be worth it in the end.

02-09-2010, 04:06 PM
Also , just read the interview with the Game Producer over on Subsim.com again....

You notice 90 percent of the time when he is asked if a cool feature will be in the game, he says in a round about way "well....errr...no."

It just goes to show how important mods are going to be.