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06-09-2005, 11:35 PM
So here I am waiting out another boring amount of time wasted away in an empty lobby. What lobby you ask? A clan match lobby on Black Arrow. Not only did my team neglect to show up but hey the other team did too. Now I really don't miss the first rainbows way of using TC and other such ladders and running around room to room looking for a clan match running to my computer to set it up and running back just to wait for them to set it up.

A solution you ask? Why can't we have a LFCM option in the menu? LFCM, what is that? Looking for clan match. Anyone who has played a game like everquest (PoP EQ at least) knows they put in this handy little feature for people who were looking for group (LFG) to do this you the player looking for group would hit /lfg and your name would have an LFG next to it also you would be sent to this nice little box that people who needed group members could look at and ask if you wanted a group. The solution is similar.

How about for Lockdown or any UBI game with clan function. You put in this little menu bar where people could put there clan name on this board of clans looking for a match. The message goes through like an invite to play a game and you accept or decline. If you accept a room is open for you to goto similar ot the ones on BA for you to go and play. Rules are set in the invite for the match and maps blah blah.

This I think would take away all this schedualing and people not showing up and stuff. Would be much more fun alot easier.

06-10-2005, 08:52 AM
I think I read somewhere they will have an option to do clan skirmishes.