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11-15-2011, 10:06 AM
Is it possible to remove armor in Revelations? I'm going to have it in a few hours and it really isn't a big deal if you can't, that is unless they FORCE you to equip some armor to further progress into the story... like in Brotherhood. Otherwise I can simply just not buy any armor. Also, before telling me this has been answered and to go look for it, you could spend that time actually giving me a yes or a no to my question as I feel its stupid enough that I have to ask a question as to whether or not you can remove armor...

And yes i've read some stuff about people saying that Ubisoft has explained why you cannot remove armor, although nobody actually says what it is... I also have trouble believing this as you start off Brotherhood with NO armor, and you can also REMOVE all the armor except the spaulders... Have the spaulders somehow morphed with Ezio's dna and now a part of his body and therefore cannot be removed? Otherwise this makes no sense seeing as you can remove other parts of armor. You have to do a glitch to do it... but it doesn't make the game unplayable or mess anything up when you do the glitch... It simply removes all the armor except the spaulders... So why this is impossible for Ubisoft I do not know...

Answers please?

11-15-2011, 11:04 AM
You can't remove armor, no. However, the one thing you're forced to buy is a spaulder that matches the color of your robe. It goes from brown (default) to gray (bought). So it's no biggie, imo. Not this time.

11-15-2011, 11:14 AM
Still... People saying that fully removing armor is impossible or saying that Ubisoft said that are lying...

I'm not a game developer, but i'm not ******ed either. You start the game with NO armor, and in Brotherhood, you could REMOVE the vambraces, greaves, and chest plate and be left with just the spaulders. This would not cause any buggy in-game effects even though a glitch was required to remove the armor. Basically the game would remain EXACTLY the same, except that the armor you removed was gone, and your health lowered as a result, obviously. Why Ubisoft would say its impossible to remove armor... when you could remove it, most of it that is in Brotherhood instantly shows they were wrong.

Forcing you to buy armor and not giving you the option to remove it is bull. It's more the fact of how simple the problem is to fix mixed with how little Ubisoft cares to fix it, is what's making me mad.

On the PC somebody can probably hack the game and remove all the armor in about 5 minutes with a basic understanding of computers... Yet a group of paid developers are unable to do such a thing? It's not that they aren't capable, they seem to just not give a . Joke...

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