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06-14-2010, 03:10 PM
It's always kind of annoyed me that cannon ammo is always set to weapon 2 whether it is the only weaponry for a plane or not. Seems like it would make more sense for cannons to be set to weapon 1 if they are the only weapon on the plane, and as weapon 2 if there are also MG's in the plane. If I have MG's and cannons then it still feels most natural to have the MG's set to the primary fire button because I will be using them the most since they have so much more ammo--I use them to chew away at the enemy but mainly as tracers to help me aim my cannon ammo which I use sparingly. For a plane that only has cannons I like to have cannons set to weapon 1 because I need total control over them to avoid wasting shots and it feels more natural to hit the main trigger button on my CH Combatstick.

Anyway it's kind of a minor gripe but it seems like it would make more sense to have Weapon 1 simply be the primary weaponry, and if there are MG's then put cannons to weapon 2 instead of saying "cannons are always weapon 2 no matter what." It's not a huge deal but it's a bit annoying having to change the weapon 1 and 2 settings whenever I switch from a plane with MG's to one with only cannons. Might be nice if someone did a mod for this...

Do you guys not mind this or do you set your weapon 1 to your secondary fire button? I guess I could try this but I just think it wouldn't feel as natural. When I'm flying something like a Spit I like to have good control on my MG fire then use my cannons sparingly by tapping the Weapon 2 button which is on the side of the stick.

06-14-2010, 03:56 PM
How about the planes with machineguns only? There's quite some of them, nearly all of the US birds, early Russian and British ones...

I'm triggering MGs with an index trigger, and cannons with a thumb one. I kind of like it the way it is, the only thing that bothers me are the (very few, but still) exceptions to this rule. Some planes trigger cannons with the MG trigger, or trigger the larger calibre cannon with MG trigger and smaller ones with Cannon one (MiG-3 with double ShVAK or Ta 152 come to mind).

06-14-2010, 09:45 PM
It would be nice if that was either completely as it was (#1 choice) or configurable in setup perhaps like loadouts
of if not supported by yet more in-game screens then through lines in conf.ini.

06-15-2010, 12:15 AM
I suppose if you have good profile editing software, you can make a profile for each plane to use whatever primary button necessary for the cannons, but in a way, that would be another hassle in itself.

06-15-2010, 04:40 AM
I always use 1+2 together no matter.

I think the way it is makes sense though, as some who aren't as knowledgeable on WW2 AC armaments will never be quite certain whether or not an a/c has cannon or MG as primary, so it makes sense for them to stay in one place, rather than change depending what plane you have.

06-15-2010, 05:03 AM
my mainfriebutton is firing Weapon1&weapon2.

and than i have a secondary firebutton where i only fire the machineguns - if i dont want waste my canonammo

06-15-2010, 05:14 AM
I rather like that the trigger fires the smaller caliber guns and the trigger 2 fires the larger ones.
As already pointed out, there are exceptions to this configuration in Il2, but not many.
I would say the most annoying of these is the Bf110 with the 2 Mk108 and the Bk3,7.
Despite the vastly different trajectories for these weapons, they ALL fire on trigger 1, so if you are more than a couple hundred meters away, you are wasting ammo as you are only going to hit the MK108 or the 3,7 but not both.

06-15-2010, 06:40 AM
I also set my main trigger to 1+2. I take my time to line up my shots and aim very carefully to try and assure hits. If in the moment I get to a point where I know I can hit what I am shooting at or at least with a high degree of certainty I want all my firepower going down range to inflict maximum damage when I do hit. I'm not going to piddle around picking at my enemy with mgs only if I have cannons available also. I am going to use every thing I have in that moment to strike with as much punch as I have available to me. Besides you never know, even when shooting a high angle deflection, whether the landed shot came from mg or cannon you cannot be 100% sure what damage will be inflicted so the more metal I am throwing at my target the better. This definitely works both ways. It could be a cannon shots that tares his wing off, it could be a 50 cal round that kills the pilot or severs a control cable. Your guns are effectively causing a shotgun effect in the first place hence the high rate of fire. Pick your shots and strike with accuracy, when you do hit hopefully he's going to feel it. I would spend much more time focusing on marksmanship and less on ammo conservation. If you master the marksmanship the ammo conservation will come naturally as a side effect of your increased efficiency. That being said if I know for sure I am going to hit, like my enemy is flying a straight line due to control damage, then I might just use a very well place cannon volley to finish him off. But in heated combat I am going for broke.

06-15-2010, 08:28 AM
I on the other hand have my cannons on the trigger button and my MG's on the thumb button. I'll only ever use MG's alone for distant out of convergence pot shots mainly to scare an enemy into maneuvering and thus making it easier for me to catch up to them. The trigger button seems more "serious" to me and interfears with my aiming less than pressing the thumb button, hence my cannons are on the trigger.

I don't really have an issue with the weapon 1 weapon 2 thing.

06-15-2010, 09:55 AM
Well again my problem isn't with setting the MG's to weapon 1, it's with setting cannons to weapon 2 when there are no MG's and then I have to switch the weapon settings around just for those planes with cannons only.

06-17-2010, 12:49 PM
Since I use my MGs for ranging before firing my big guns, it's rarely an issue for me unless I'm flying a Lavotchkin with the two or three cannon. Then it can be a bit distracting at first, but I soon remember to apply my thumb immediately when my target is about to merge with my crosshairs.

As others have pointed out, you can assign the Fire Weapon 1 & 2 option to your preferred trigger in the controls menu.