View Full Version : Joystick / Screen Resolution / Stab / Scrambled Desktop Icon Problems

06-04-2011, 08:25 AM
Please help with these irritating problems that are preventing me from flying IL2 1946 v 4.09b1m for the first time in years since the game first came available.

My custom built computer's screen resolution is set at 1680x1050 32 bit. I have Stab installed because I like authentic WWII markings. In the Stab "Options", under Graphics, I have selected resolution at Widescreen 1680x1060 32 bit. Under Stab "1946 Set Up" I cannot select a reolution higher than 1280x960 32 bit. When I make these higher selections, the 1680x1060 Widescreen changes to a lower resolution and my screen shrinks and scrambles all my desktop icons.

If I re-set my Stab resolution under "Options" to 1680x1060 32 bit and re-set under "1946 Set Up" resolution to 640x480 32 bit (the lowest offered under "Set Up") the Widescreen 1680x1060 seems to hold and not change. On these Stab "Options" and "1946 Set Up" choices I cannot click on "Apply" because it is grayed out. I can only click on the black "OK".

With the above proceedure, I need to insert the IL2 1946 disc. If I don't, I get a window telling me to insert the disc. Now I have tried all combinations. I insert the disc and then click on the Stab icon. I click on "Launch 1946" and the game starts in Widescreen as hoped. I select an aircraft to fly and am beautifully in the cockpit in Widescreen. BUT WITH ABSOLUTELY NO JOYSTICK CONTROL. Yes, I have joystick checked in the controls. I cannot exit the game unless click Ctrl/Alt/Delete...and the screen goes crazy and all desktop icons are rearranged again...which is a pain in the butt to arrange again. I re-boot, re-arrange desktop icons, and this mess starts all over again.

If I could get into the "Menu" on screen I could check all settings again (for the upteenth time) but nothing works on the keyboard when the joystick is non functional and the only view is from the cockpit in an uncontrolable aircraft.

If anyone is familiar with Stab and understands these resloution/joystick problems that I have never experienced in years past, please come to my rescue. Thanks a bunch.