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04-24-2007, 01:44 AM
Not that I'm complaining (much) but would it be possible for either the Devs or a smart modder to make a patch/mod that gives you a heads up when your mission parameters change? I went to Celebes Sea and completed the mission there and heading back home ACCIDENTLY clicked on the exclamation mark on the messages page only to find that I now had to turn around and do a photo recon on the other side of Borneo, surely a message would have been sent to inform you of the change to your mission? http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/35.gif

04-24-2007, 12:12 PM
I think you do get the flashing yellow message icon at the lower right of the screen, when a new mission objective is received. It's just easy to miss with all the other (mostly irrelevant) radio traffic.

AFAIK, you only receive new missions if you radio in a status report. So if you just want to head home, don't do that. If you do have ammo left and want the extra reknown, then radio a status report, and be on the lookout for the incoming mission objective.

04-24-2007, 12:56 PM
and... if you do not follow the mission objectives that it shows, then you get mothballed.