View Full Version : ACR Gold Weapons

Toki Wartoooth
11-16-2011, 02:55 PM
In the character customization screen in ACR, I've noticed that each character has 2 gold colored weapons to choose. However, when I choose this as my weapon, the only thing that is different from the others is an animation when I pick the character. Is this just supposed to mean that the weapons are exclusive to the character? Am I missing something?

11-16-2011, 04:08 PM
That's the only real difference. To see a difference in the character, you need to get to a higher level and pick a different weapon type.

Weapon animations are basically based on type. There's the katar (Sentinel), the longsword (deacon, crusader, knight etc), the shortsword (vizier), axe (vanguard), the dagger (thespian, trickster, etc) (syringe appears to count as dagger), the mace for main hand animations...I think that's it for main hand.

For secondary there's a hidden blade, a tiny dagger, and a punch dagger (which I initially mistook for a butterfly knife - like the Prowler's from Brotherhood - but no, it's a punch dagger).

So in terms of, for example, going from the Sentinel's basic katar to his second katar, the only difference will be the appearance of the katar.