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04-05-2005, 03:56 AM
GH is looking for pilots:
learn to fly like you mean it...
and get to know your plane in all technical detail...

We are an international bunch, online language is English. Most of us are from Western-Europe, but also a few from the States (not to mention Brazil and Russia). Strangely enough no Germans and no Frenchies (hmmm, why is that anyway?).

We have about 4 to 8 pilots that are quite active, a pool of regulars of another 8, and about 10 that fly only rarely. That is unfortunately not enough to fill up coops on a daily base because RL schedules differ. We are quite disciplined when we fly, but very relaxed about time schedules or squad obligations.

Also, we don't mind too much if you also fly allied for another squad, perhaps teach us a few of your tricks. We do appreciate the need for change of banter from time to time...

Contact us:

GreenHearts (http://www.greenhearts.org)

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Wrong forum.