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08-19-2006, 11:32 PM
As I look through my periscope at bearing 347 and see a fishing boat peacefully going its way I cannot help but think how ironic the situation is. Fate, which is currently running underwater at 40 knots with enough explosives to... save a few fish, can be quite cruel and is always unheeding of us humans.

Everything started in 1940. The events unravelled themselves which such rapidity and confusion that only to speak of them leaves me puzzled as to how I , Herman Rustburg, could have been caught up in them. Perhaps the madness of my nation was contagious; I never thought I would one day be part of such a terrible crusade. As the supreme race, we should father and guide the unfortunates, not destroy them.

Yet, truth be told, I did join this terrible crusade. In an act of complete unselfishness and altruism I joined the war in the hope of saving a few of my countrymen. One might say I was drafted yet that is quite inaccurate. I wisely evaded the call-up by hiding in a cottage I had by the side of the sea. As I had planned, two SS officers came storming in my hut 2 days after the conscription. You see, this ruse put me in a position of power and importance. How could they deny the fact that I was of vital importance to them if they took the time to personally come and fetch me at my vacation house?

Turns out a gross error was made. When they read that I fished out fifty thousand tons of fish out of the ocean every year, they didn€t doubt for a second that my fishing company Albatross could have anything to do with it. I was immediately promoted to captain and assigned a u-boat.

to be continued? or not? the choice is up to you (give me ideas if you want a 2nd part)

08-20-2006, 02:14 AM
I love to read the patrol reports and stories during my own (long) patrols, so yes do continue.

If I have any sugestions? Judging on this small piece of writing I don't think I can give you any advise, other than if you finish this story go look for a publisher.

I hope to read more about Herman Rustburg.

08-20-2006, 03:08 PM
Yeah, come on HJ, don't leave us hanging. Patrol reports whether well written or not, are always a great inspiration and are exactly the thing that fuels us back to our own desk-tops/lap-tops to once again sail out into der nord see, and take out as many targets as we can.
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