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11-24-2007, 09:11 PM
goto: programs/Tom Clancy's rainbow Six vegas/Engine/shaders/HLSL/MegaPostPRocess/NightVision<----(open with note pad)
change from:
float intensity = dot(PreviousColor, float3(0.3f, 0.59f, 0.11f)) * NightVisionScale;

float intensity = dot(PreviousColor, float3(10.0f, 0.59f, 0.16f)) * NightVisionScale;

No PB kick with this change. Works like a charm http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif


Nice Shot from "WARTOWN"

this tweak flash grenades and blur and muzzle flash still work, unlike disabling shadermodel 3 hack/cheat where you dont blur no muzzle flash and flash grenades are useless.

float intensity = dot(PreviousColor, float3(<span class="ev_code_RED">5.0f</span>, 0.59f, 0.16f)) * NightVisionScale;

TOO BRIGHT! 5.0f seems alittle more reasonable. To each there own. try5.0f~10.0f. find what works for you.

11-24-2007, 09:13 PM
Hey! This is cool http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif thanks

11-24-2007, 11:41 PM
Very nice


unpredictabl3 http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/clap.gif

It remainds me...the cool Lockdown Nv's


11-25-2007, 03:05 AM
thanks hid and night. got it to a tee where if you walk into a bright room the night vision will blind you so it's a nice balance between dark rooms and light rooms. And with the nv on you still blur when getting shot.

11-25-2007, 05:02 PM
Sure thing

adjust the "noise" to get a dif. color tone.


11-25-2007, 10:33 PM

12-03-2007, 08:58 PM
God damn, we have to hack our own games to make them work better.
It's so funny...

I don't understand why they didn't do this or make it right to start with.
Cause indeed Nightvision just didn't work.
Or didn't work... it simply didn't help a thing, it was just dark in green.
Or even worse, you could see less or not even keep objects apart...

But thanx, I'll give this a try.
By the way, it's funny you can just go and change a whole load of graphical settings and get away with it.
I hope they just make an improved version of this game with part 2.

12-05-2007, 06:47 AM
yes.... finally nv would be little bit more useful. nv was practically useless in vegas.. --;

04-05-2008, 10:01 PM
yer... too bright... as said previously 5.0f seems a lot better...

04-06-2008, 01:04 AM
Originally posted by funkmunky80:
yer... too bright... as said previously 5.0f seems a lot better...
That's why i edited my first post silly.

04-06-2008, 02:48 PM
Personally I thought 5 was even too bright, I went to 4. And I even have my screen just a shave on the dark side (i always set my screens like that) in order to enhance color as to not bleech them out. also, I found out, the third set of numbers you have that changed from 11 to 16, don't make any difference. Only the first one does. So I just put it back to 16.

Heres another piece of info. The 360 version of Vegas 2 they went totally in the opposite direction with the night vision, now its WAY too bright. To the point it bleeches everything out and you can't see jack. Its hard to pick out tangos because they just blend in with everything else. I changed the settings on my TV and increased the black level in the xbox display settings and turned the contrast up and the brightness down on the TV settings. This helped A LITTLE, but not much. Theres the possibility its just my setup, but I'm guessing I'm right. I just don't know what the hell's wrong with these guys at UBI. They have such great ideas and show true genius, then totally look "special" by making the stupidest mistkakes in the world that totally lack common sense. The only time the night vision looks good is if you take a hit from a bullet and it darkens one shade. It looks PEFECT then. First time it happened I thought I did something to fix it and I was so excited that I fixed it because I didn't think I got shot, because you know how this game magically teleports tangos, makes them overaggressive, lack self preservation, shoot you without the gun aiming at you...that kind of stuff. But then when I healed and it brightened back up I was sad, then pissed. I mean, don't they see this stuff? What are they thinking?

04-20-2008, 07:13 PM
I changed my night vision to 4.3 http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/partyhat.gif