View Full Version : Problems downloading uplay content!!!

12-30-2009, 08:59 AM
I tried to redeem some points to get the premier theme using my ps3. That is to say I successfully 'redeemed' the points, but haven't received the theme - instead I'm told to go to the ps3 store to 'view downloads', which I did, and it isn't there.

For some inexplicable reason I'm not allowed to just try and download it again from the uplay site - and when I took the time to try and contact customer support by writing an enquiry out in full, I got taken back to the login screen, had to log in again, and found that I had to type in my enquiry all over again. I did this three times.

Can anyone more intelligent than the people that coded this website (it isn't an exclusive demographic) give me some advice as to how exactly I can get the theme?