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12-05-2010, 01:05 PM
Hi.guys,Ive been playing silent hunter 3 for a while and i was wondering for any tips on how to escape from warships like
destroyers,corvettes..etc. Whenever i spot one i would submerge and hide what if it finds me?
Thanks for any help.

12-05-2010, 02:26 PM
Destroyers can ba scary but don't be put off. Best way to remove the threat is to SINK it!

If it is moving slowly (say 10kts or less) then something has already bugged it. It is alert and its sonar (asdic) is working hard looking for the source of the annoyance (it might not have been you but it doesn't care).

Stay out of its forward arc and beyond 3000m, at slow speed and silent running. Go as deep as you dare.

If it's moving faster than 10kts, it's got somewhere else to be and isn't looking for U-Boats. It is not aware that you are there, so unless you wander into its path it won't notice you. Asdic doesn't work at speeds 10> kts.

This is the time, if possible, to line up a shot. During daylight hours and/or moonlight with calm seas, use an electric torpedo, otherwise a fast (steam) mag. One good hit is enough.

Failing both the above, point your stern to the destroyer, go deep, turn on silent running and creep away.

If it's zig-zagging at slow speed it is probably a convoy escort...might be some goodies to be had once it's gone past!


12-05-2010, 04:07 PM
Well sometimes the destroyers accelerate and then decelerate which makes it hard to place a torpedo and sink it.So you're saying i should sink it or go away.But if you are attacking a convoy wouldn't it be easy to be detected?Any tips on how get a good chance of hitting it?

12-05-2010, 05:16 PM
In general - avoid to be detected. Don't attack destroyers or escorts if not necessary; better stay stealthy. Sink them only in self-defence.

Lonely DDs are no target, your job is to sink merchants and tankers. Well your last remaining torpedo on your way home may sink an unlucky destroyer...

Convoy escorts do follow a typical routine. Leading escorts stay in front of the convoy and move to the left and right frequently while searching for contacts. Most of the time they move straight on course leading one of the center lines.

The left and right guards stay with the convoy for a while but start a search routine regularly. They move far out and follow a search pattern of s-curves. When finished they speed up and head back to retake their position parallel to the convoy until they start the next search.

The rear escorts simply follow a big convoy without any search routines, iIrc. I think the rear escort of an 'one line convoy without side guards' runs a search pattern as well. Not sure about this.

Depending on your tactics you may want to sink the leading convoy escort or an outside guard while they move straight - in preparation for your intended nighttime attack later.

Use keel shots with electric torpedos to sink them or aim for the B-turret area with fast steam torpedos (medium speed setting would be realistic). The DDs speed up whenever they detect an incoming torpedo and this way your torpedo won't pass behind the stern.
But as allways - if possible use an impact pistol, they are more reliable.

12-05-2010, 05:40 PM
If you want to get inside a convoy like Otto Kretschmer early in the war (before radar), there are ways of evading the escorts.

My favourite tactic is to stay on the surface, running at low speed so as not to make much of a wake, at a 45 degree approach angle to the convoy (from ahead, usually, sometimes from astern).

I keep a close eye on the leading escort and the nearest 'flanker' (through the UZO) and when the leader has gone past me, and is zigging away, I throttle-up and dash through the gap between the two escorts and ino the middle of the convoy. Once inside the escorts have a hell of a job getting at you as the merchants are in their way.

Another tactic is to get ahead and in the path of the convoy, submerge, and let it run over the top of you. Then surface in the middle of it. Just don't get rammed doing this - it hurts!

Before mid-1941 most escorts didn't have radar and when they are travelling at speed they are 'blind and deaf'. I've been within 1500m of an early-war escort, at night or in bad weather, many times and not been detected.

Don't shoot at a zig-zagging target except from very short range. It's just a waste of a torpedo. Same goes for the ones speeding up and then slowing down, unless they are on a constant course.

Be stealthy. Your u-boat is a very small target. If you keep your bows or stern towards the enemy they have difficulty seeing you. Keep your speed low to avoid being heard on asdic if you are submerged.

In brief, only attack destroyers etc.. if there is no other worthwhile target. The merchants are your primary goal. If that destroyer hasn't seen you, let him go and find bigger prey!


12-07-2010, 03:49 PM
thanks for the advice http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif