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Greetings to all kaleuns.

I am looking for more information on the Crimea campaign. Apparently uboats were involved in that and now we are trying to create a RUM for a realtime multiplayer mission for our flotilla.

Unfortunantly I can't find much information on the Area of Operations and uboat tactics there.

If anyone can help me with more info on this subject could you please post it here or in the forum of the 1st Flotilla, Gruppe Rote Wolfe. Our forum can be found here: http://dutchwolves.proboards57.com/index.cgi

Great thx already.

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http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gifWell,the 30th Flotte was assigned to Constanza in Roumanie in 1942 with six type IIB(U-18,U-19,U-20,U-23,U-24 and U-9),including the old boat of Wolfgang Luth, the U-9.The Flotilla was initially commanded by the Knight Cross, KptLt Helmuth Rosenbaum. The ships were dissambled and transported by rail and barges to his assigned destination from Hamburg via Dresden-Linz.We can not speak of many success in this theater of operations and the main task was the interception of the Russian coastal traffic.On 26 June, 1943 U-20 was attacked in the Black Sea by an escort with depth charges. Due to heavy damages the boat had to return to base.The U-24 fought a surface battle the 27 May, 1944 with two Soviet MTBs lossing 1 sailor and two others wounded.
U-9 was lost, destroyed by Russian aircrafts at Constanza base the 20-08-44.
The Flotilla was disbanded the 10th september 1944 after the scuttling of the last three boats(U-19,U-20 and U-23)near of the Turkish coast.

U-18 Scuttled on 25 Aug, 1944 at Konstanza, Black Sea, in position 44.12N, 28.41E.

U-19 Scuttled on 10 Sept, 1944 off the coast of Turkey, Black Sea in position 41.16N, 31.26E.

U-20 Scuttled on 10 Sept, 1944 off the coast of Turkey in the Black Sea in position 41.16N, 31.26E.

U-23 Scuttled on 10 Sept, 1944 off the coast of Turkey in the Black Sea in position 41.16N, 31.26E.

U-24 Scuttled on 25 Aug, 1944 at Konstanza, Black Sea, in position 44.12N, 28.41E.

U-9 Sunk at 1030hrs on the 20 Aug, 1944 at Konstanza, Black Sea in position 44.12N, 28.41E, by bombs from Soviet aircraft.

U-18 and U-24 were raised and refloated by the Russians in the late 1944 and early 1945 and finally destroyed as targets in 1947 off Sevastopol.

U-9 was raised in 1945 by the Soviets and transported to the harbour Nikolaev. She became in 1945 the USSR TS-16, but due his extensive damages she was broken up in 1946.

About other sucess, well,I have finded not so many informations.The losses of the Soviet Navy ,the destroyers,Patrol Boats and the submarines losses in the Black Sea were caused by the Ju-87s,Ju-88s ,mines and the subchasers.A lot of mines were placed in the Black Sea by the Roumanian Navy.Some of this mine fields were also dropped by the 30th Fleet.

The sucess of the 30th Flotilla:

-Motor tanker "Kreml‚¬ī"Damaged by U-24 (Kapt Clemens Sch√¬∂ler)the 31 Mar, 1943 in pos.Grid CL 9447(the ship was also latter damaged by the U-9,Kapt Schmidt-Weichert the 5 May 1943.At 12.30 hours on 31 Mar, 1943, U-24 fired a spread of two torpedoes at a tanker, escorted by two destroyers and one coastal-minesweeper off Poti and observed one hit in the stern of the tanker, which caught fire. The sinking of the Soviet motor tanker Sovetskaja Neft (8228 tons) was claimed, but this is not confirmed by Soviet reports, the actual target was the Kreml‚¬ī, which was damaged).

-Minesweeper "BTSC-411 Zashchitnik"(441 tons) Sunk by U-24(Kapt Klaus Petersen)the 15 Jun, 1943 in pos.Grid CL 9613.( At 14.19 hours ,U-24 fired a spread of two torpedoes at the BTSC-411 Zashchitnik (No 26), which had been spotted at 13.54 hours and observed one hit in the stern after 1 minute 30 seconds. The vessel broke in two and sank about 20 miles west of Suchumi. The survivors were picked up by the Soviet patrol craft SKA-0101 and SKA-0138).

-Tanker "Emba"(7.886 tons)sunk by U-24(Kapt Klaus Petersen)the 30 Jul, 1943 in pos.Grid CL 9497.(At 18.46 hours, U-24 fired two torpedoes into the harbour of Suchumi. Both torpedoes struck the Emba, which was moored at the quay off the Suchumi Lighthouse as a stationary storeship and was completely destroyed).

-Landing crafts DB-36 and DB37(9 tons each),sunk by U-24(Kapt Klaus Petersen)the 22 Aug, 1943 in pos.Grid CL 9369(At 01.24 hours,U-24 fired with her 2cm gun and a machine-gun at the Soviet patrol craft SKA-0188, which had two motorboats in tow. The U-boat reported a tug of 10 tons sunk, but apparently the patrol craft returned fire, dropped the tow lines and escaped undamaged. The DB-36 was then attacked by gunfire and hand grenades, three men were captured. At 02.52 hours, the other motorboat DB-37 was sunk by gunfire and demolition charges, the crew of three men were captured. The U-boat then tried to tow the first boat, but it had to be sunk by demolition charges at 03.31 hours. Four of the six prisoners had been wounded, they were all landed in Feodosia on 23 August.

-Patrol boat"Shkval"(35 tons)Sunk by U-23(Kpat Rolf-Birger Wahlen)the 24 Aug, 1943 in pos.Grid CL 9637. Between 20.17 and 21.12 hours3, U-23 fought a gun battle against the former pilot boat/hydrographical vessel Shkval off Cape Kodor, 22 miles south of Suchumi. The U-boat tried to ram the vessel and also used hand grenades and explosive charges. The minesweeper completely burned out and sank at 23.15 hours. Three crew members were lost. Seven others abandoned ship in a lifeboat and reached the coast at 11.00 hours the next day).

-Trawler "TSC-11 Dzhalita"(400 tons)sunk by U-18(Kapt Karl Fleige)the 29 Aug, 1943 in pos.42.30N, 40.48E - Grid CL 9664

-Patrol craft SKA-0132(56 tons)Damaged by U-18 (Kapt Karl Fleige)the 30 Aug, 1943 in pos.42.43N, 41.19E - Grid CS 1642(At 19.32 hours,U-18 attacked SKA-0132 with the 20mm AA gun and scored several hits before the U-boat had to break off the attack because a floodlight from the coast dazzled the Germans.

-Trawler TSC-486 "Sovetskaja Rossija"(1.005 tons) damaged by U-23(Kapt Rolf-Birger Wahlen) the 15 Oct, 1943 in pos.42.47N, 41.06E -Grid CL 9634(At 21.31 hours , U-23 fired one torpedo at a small convoy of two steamers and a coastal minesweeper and observed a hit in the bow of the first steamer. The U-boat had followed the ships since several hours off Kodor and then tried to attack the second steamer, but was chased away by gunfire from the vessel and the escort. TSC-486 "Sovetskaja Rossija" was damaged in the attack).

-Merchant"Tanais"(372 tons)Sunk by U-23(Kapt Rolf-Birger Wahlen)the 23 Oct, 1943 in pos.
42.22N, 41.35E - Grid CS 1678(At 00.41 hours,U-23 fired one torpedo at Tanais lying at anchor off Poti. The explosion blew debris into the air and broke the ship in two. The stern sank immediately and the bow sank a few minutes later).

-Tanker "Josif Stalin"(7.745 tons),damaged by U-18(Kapt Karl Fleige)the 18 Nov, 1943 in pos.Grid CL 9179.( At 17.15 hours, U-18 fired two torpedoes and observed two hits on the Josif Stalin off Lazarevskoje and reported the sinking of the ship after 20 minutes, however the tanker was only damaged).

-Tanker "Peredovik"(1.846 tons)Damaged by U-20 (Kapt Karl Grafen)the 29 Nov, 1943 in pos.Grid CL 9529(At 06.02 hours, U-20 fired a spread of two torpedoes at a convoy consisting of a tanker escorted by one torpedo boat and four patrol boats off Gogra in the Black Sea. No detonation was heard, so Grafen assumed that they had missed. In fact, one torpedo hit the Peredovik but was a dud and only made a small hole into the hull).

-Motor tanker "Vaijan Kutur‚¬īe"(ex Nikolaj Janson-7.602 tons)sunk by U-20(Kapt Karl Grafen)in position 42.21N, 41.31E - Grid CS 1672 the 16 Jan, 1944.

-Patrol craft SKA-099(56 tons)Damaged by U-23 (Kpat Rolf-Birger Wahlen)the 5 Apr, 1944 in pos.
42.15N, 41.30E - Grid CS 1672(At 01.15,U-23 was attacked by two Soviet escorts with gunfire and returned fire with the 20mm AA gun and machine guns. The Germans observed several hits and an internal explosion on one of the vessels and chased the other away. When they later returned to first vessel they only found an oil slick and thought that she had been sunk. In fact, the SKA-099 was only damaged).

-Barge "Rion"(187 tons)Sunk by U-20(Kapt Karl Grafen)the 7 Apr, 1944 in pos.42.11N, 41.38E - Grid CS 1676(At 15.15 hours on 7 Apr, 1944, the Rion struck a mine laid on 27 February by U-20 off Poti and sank).

-Torpedo boat "Shtorm"(412 tons)Damaged by U-9 (Kapt Klaus Petersen)the 11 May, 1944 in pos.43.50N, 39.26E - Grid CL 9187(At 16.32 hours ,U-9 fired a Gnat at a convoy consisting of a tanker, a torpedo boat, a minesweeper and seven smaller escorts covered by three MBR flying boats and observed a heavy detonation after 2 minutes 31 seconds. The Shtorm was damaged by the torpedo).

-Patrol craft SKA-0376(56 tons)Sunk by U-24 (Kapt Martin Landt-Hayen)the 12 May, 1944 in pos.41.58N, 41.27E - Grid CS 1678(At 23.23 hours,U-24 fired a torpedo at two escorts and observed a hit amidships after 67 seconds and heard how five depth charges detonated when the vessel sank. The vessel sunk was SKA-0376).

-Tug "Smelyj"(71 tons)Sunk by U-23(Kapt Rolf-Birger Wahlen)the 29 May, 1944 in pos.42.51N, 41.03E - Grid CL 9632(At 12.56 hours, U-23 fired a spread of two torpedoes at tanker of about 1800 tons, which was in tow escorted by two warships and aircraft. Wahlen heard two detonations, but could not observe the effects because the U-boat was attacked with depth charges for the next two hours. In fact the tug Smelyj was hit by one torpedo and sank off Babushery near Suchumi.

-Passenger ship "Pestel‚¬ī"(1850 tons)Sunk by U-20(Kapt Karl Grafen)the 19 Jun, 1944 in pos.41.03N, 39.42E - Grid CL 9932(this ship was also attacked by U-19,Kapt Gaude the 23 mars 1943 but no hit;At 20.28 hours on 19 Jun, 1944, the unescorted Pestel‚¬ī was hit by two torpedoes from U-20 and sank at 22.20 hours after breaking in two off Trabzon. The Soviets reported that the ship was sunk within the territorial waters of Turkey, while the escorts (eight SKA patrol boats) waited at the boarder of these waters to meet the vessel. The next morning, the U-boat took a rescue buoy from the ship aboard).

-Landing craft DB-26(9 tons) sunk by U-20(Kapt Karl Grafen)the 24 Jun, 1944 in pos.43.17N, 40.44E - Grid CL 9444(U-20 reported sinking a small motorboat of 15 grt with gunfire and demolition charges at 10.50 hours. This was the Soviet landing craft DB-26).

-Barge "Barzha (No 75)",Sunk by U-19(Kapt Willy Ohlenburg)the 27 Jun, 1944 in pos.Grid CL 6669(At 15.58 hours, U-19 attacked a Soviet tug convoy with torpedoes and sank the barge Barzha No 75 (approx. 1000 tons) northwest of Tuapse).

-Minesweeper "BTSC-410 Vzryv"(441 tons)Sunk by U-19(Kapt Willy Ohlenburg)the 2 Sep, 1944 in pos.43.51N, 29.12E - Grid CL 1577(The BTSC-410 Vzryv was en route in the Black Sea with the Romanian minelayer Admiral Murgescu (812 tons), when the Soviet vessel was torpedoed and sunk by U-19 at 05.22 hours on 2 Sep, 1944. She was the last victim of the U-boats in the Black Sea.
Since Romania had only recently declared war on Germany (25 August), the Soviets accused the Romanian Navy of treachery and complicity in the sinking of this vessel, because the Romanian minelayer was not attacked. On 5 September, the Soviets cited this sinking as an excuse for the seizure of the Romanian fleet).

If you can read German, maybe this book can help you:

Deutsche U- Boote zum Schwarzen Meer 1942 - 1944
by - Enders, Gerd
(U-Boats to the Black Sea 1942-44: A One-Way Journey)

I hope that help you a little.
Good luck.

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Thx herr kaleun. This information is very usefull. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif