View Full Version : Question for those that have played SHIII.

03-06-2005, 11:01 AM
Can you tell us what year in the war you played in.
Was it early say 39-40 or late 44-45 ?
just want to know how the escorts responded to attacks
were they more affective or less according to the war

thanks in advance

03-06-2005, 12:53 PM
I played the single player missions. One in early and one in late.

In the early years I was doing well in basic evading but the DD were still pretty close.

In the later years they were sharp, I cannot confirm but I almost swear they cut enginges to a crawl right above your position.

I think it is too early fo us to give any real hard factual evidene on DD behaviour. It will be a joy when gam is released.

All I know for sure is they slap on full reverse when in collision course with each other. They Ram. The DCs are not over powerfull but Damage does mount up over time.

I am wondering If the dev team has created this game so that on Realistic you may get DCs for hours. That would be so cool cos then we will all know that air and co2 will become an important factor in the game.

I tied a bow shot at 750 mtrs and it evaded. Later I tried a frontal shot at 450 mtrs and it hit. Again not sure if it will be one shot to kill a dd, they just dont set on fire like sh2.

Hope this helps