View Full Version : Finished it but it took me 100 crashes.

04-28-2010, 02:01 AM
Ok so after 10 hours of playing, and 3 of them spent ctrl+alt+del and crashing/freezing with the odd cant connect. Had to turn all detail to lowest possible which helped somewhat. I finally finished the game.

10/10 story line best story iv ever played on a game minus Zelda.

Few pointsl:

Cant find any matches online, likely because noone can run the game and has issues...

My brother came to future shop with me and we both bought the game at the same time hoping to play coop together, unfortanetly his comp is not able to run it, so were gonna have to wait 3 weeks before i upgrade his comp to play. Kinda sucks they did poor optimizing, and my brother wasted 60 bucks today, i feel bad i made em buy the game, i almost want to pay him for it.

Basically, thats all i can think of right now, wish i could play for longer than 10 minute intervals before crashing/freezing etc.

Ubisoft thanks for stealing my brothers money, and letting me feel ripped off.