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Ex-Sum Studio presents: Experimental Summaries 1 - Part 2!

Yes, I've really finally gone and started Summarizing again. As per tradition this first post will be held in reserve for links to each Summary. Phil and Sahara will be Summarizing Part 2, please be kind to them, they're new.

<span class="ev_code_BROWN">*prepares INSANE stamp with red ink*</span>

Neko! Bad kitty! Put that down! I thought you were staying back at the A&C Hotel?

Sorry about that. Anyway, I'll be back in a bit to post the first of the Ex-Sum Part 2!

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Experimental Summaries 1 Part 2 Installments:

1.2.00 (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5451034/m/4591055954/r/4411085954#4411085954)

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Let's hope this thread sticks around this time... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

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Experimental Summaries 1 Part 2!

Two endless hours after the locking of the Experimental Program 1 thread, the adventure continues... in Experimental Program 1 €" Part 2! That€s right folks, we at Experimental Summaries having taken up the task of summarizing the chronicles of our beloved Institution and having finished summarizing part 1, now move on to part 2! That task is long, arduous, daunting. A near guarantee of insanity. Yet none of this matters, for we are all insane already!

<span class="ev_code_RED">Allow me to introduce Phil Henderson, here to take up the reigns and continue the Summaries. And his assistant, my cousin Sahara, who has been slacking off at the Anime Club and therefore is being dragged in to help Phil. And, Neko, that orange tabby cat the A&C Hotel has come to know and love so well, informs me she may drop in every now and then to make sarcastic comments at appropriate intervals.</span>

<span class="ev_code_WHITE">Hello, and welcome! I€m Phil. Thanks for dropping in to introduce us, Tora!</span>
<span class="ev_code_RED">No problem. Consider it a cameo, no bribe needed. I€ll take a chocolate muffin though.</span> http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif
<span class="ev_code_BROWN">*yawn* What, are we starting already? Oh all right. Hi. I€m Neko. *goes back to napping*</span>
<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">And I€m Sahara. And now, on with the Program!</span>

<span class="ev_code_PINK">Warning: No guarantee any of these links work anymore, since they link to a locked thread.</span>

Experimental Summaries 1.2.00

Professor Thietris floats in the timeless dark starry void of the Star Fissure, having escaped the Mother In Law Age. He waxes philosophical on the beginnings of the Universe. Or is that Multiverse?

Elkae, Boatingirl, and Natika all drop in to praise their beloved squirrel, Thietris decides the Word came before either the chicken or the egg, and Cordelia wonders which Word that was. Philosophical discussions aside, the Professor finds himself back at the Cleft where he hears sobbing and goes to investigate.

Chuckles continues his Magenta Planets adventures here (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5451034/m/177106264/r/535107264#535107264) and here (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5451034/m/177106264/r/411102364#411102364)
Chuckles€ Trail of the Conch adventure continues as he swims and suntans out at a beach party on the Hawaiian island. Cloud-watching takes him to Riven where he blows a B-flat on a conch and blacks out. More on that later.

Mr Zebe D, RW, Mysti Sage (Merlin), Quahog, and Jeff all put in their appearances on the first page as well, Jeff just managing to sneak in at the last post. With groceries.

Moving on to page 2, Jeff and Thietris get the groceries down into the Cleft, the Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre, and Quahog discovers the missing artwork on the wall of Sharper€s office. Almech presses a Do Not Press! button and is sucked into a linking portal vortex into a random Age. Cordelia drags RW along around some big tree <span class="ev_code_WHITE">(Unfortunately we at Ex-Sum Studios have forgotten where most of these people are. Please refer back to the last Summary in part 1)</span> trying to get him to tell her what they are looking at.

Merlin and the evil Gerard continue to wrangle on the Isle of Illusionists. Veronica heads to the docks to look for clues and leaves Grizz a note while he goes off to talk to Yeesha.

While Jeff breaks into Zandi€s Airstream and steals his beer, Thietris enters the tree in search of the source of the sobbing. Yeesha links to the Baron€s Office without noticing Quahog, who hopes to catch Sharper for the authorities. As Rhonda drops from the ceiling to distract Gerard, Merlin sucker-punches him. <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">(it should be noted that Rhonda lands safely €" she€s been in a rock-climbing harness after all, even if she has been hanging upside-down for weeks on end. This is a family friendly forum and such things as falling to one€s death simply do not happen. She€d Panic Link first)</span> They tie Gerard up and discover the knife has €˜death€ written in D€ni on it.

Grizz returns, gets his gear together, and heads for the City to meet Veronica.

RW and Cordie find themselves in what was once a beautiful garden. They use the red and blue key-objects they found to open a door. Elsewhere Almech finds himself in a new place and pulls some levels at random, setting what turns out to be a time machine for Year 0 Hour 0. <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">(talk about an interactive history lesson!)</span>

RW and Cordie discover themselves below the Kadish Vault. RW makes his way in as Cordelia goes to another chamber and €œaccidently€ locks herself in. While Cordie does her business inside, RW tries to forget his need to use the loo.

Magenta Planets €" Trail of the Conch continues here (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5451034/m/177106264/r/596101564#596101564).
Chuckles wakes up in Moesha€s office and heads for the elevator, where after a game of Simon Says with the elevator buttons and saying good bye to his Hawaiian companion, he falls through a trap door into the ocean and is conked on the head with his surf board. <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">(well that was certainly a dreamlike transition!)</span>

Chere stops by to wave at Chuckles.

The sobbing fades and Thietris heads back up to the surface. After turning away the Drink Real Cocoa Party without promising any votes he shoos the cocoa drinking vultures away from Jeff€s groceries.

Back in the Cavern Veronica avoids Saveedro who unlocks the gate in front of the stairs and disappears up them. Grizz arrives and the two follow him. Elsewhere Rhonda heads back up to the ceiling and Merlin links Gerard up to the surface and drives him to a hospital both for the blunt trauma to the head and the already unstable mental state the guy has. <span class="ev_code_BROWN">(*cough* Nutcase! *cough*)</span>

Back in the elaborate chamber (http://www.improvenet.com/HomeOwner/DesignandProductIdeas/designgallery/dsscene.html?id=476) Cordelia is still trying desperately to open the door for RW. The journal she found not helping, Cordelia picks up an umbrella and wacks the door with it. Oddly enough this works and she and RW switch places for a time. And back in the Cavern the weekend help at the Side Door set up some Bahro to take over in the DISCO in place of Chuckles€ €" not to mention Grizz and Veronica€s €" continued absence.

After an arduous journey down dusty corridors V and G finally come across more doors. They€ve discovered the DRC offices, one in particular marked €œP. Henderson€ <span class="ev_code_WHITE">(hey, that€s me!)</span> which is slightly ajar. They hide out in another room and start searching for records hoping to find info on Nica€s and others€ pasts in the Cavern.

Merlin heads up to the GZ and finds Almech there, playing around with levers. And then both disappear in a flash of frozen light. When they reappear the Cavern is completely empty of structures.

At the Cleft Thietris makes it out just in time as an Airstream flies over the volcanoe and wedges itself firmly into the Cleft. And then Jeff stumbles out. <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">(I think he€s had too much beer)</span>

Back in Magenta Planets, Chuckles stumbles onto shore thanks to the help of a Baywatch lifeguard and finds out he€s in second place in the surfing contest.

Someone named {Judy} drops in an off topic note to praise the regulars on the thread.

Almech and Merlin watch Ri€neref link in, look around, and link back out. They run down to the shore and decide to use his linking book to visit Garternay. <span class="ev_code_WHITE">(wow! once in a life time chance! What I wouldn€t give to be there)</span>

RW comes out of the chamber with obvious relief written on his face, washes the word off and apologizes to Cordie, and they head back out.

Chuckles carefully avoids the huge shark and wins his surfing contest along with a golden conch and a real one. Blowing the real conch he lands back in Moesha€s office. Hogarth congratulates him and Jeff gives a round of applause.

Zandi emerges from the Airstream€s restroom not at all pleased with the hysterical Jeff. Jeff quips he €œprobably knows more about why you€re here than you do€ and Natika overplays the falling-Bahro-ROTFL signs in response. The three at the Cleft take on the delicate mission of lifting and seperating the Airstream from the Cleft and down in D€ni Kestryll heads for the Side Door. Quahog wanders around Ae€gura and finds more stolen paintings in random places. PaperDragon and Green thing pop in and head to the Side Door where most of the people in Cavern seem to be congregating.

Having found three of the seven conch shells, Chuckles finds he and Jen have gone technicolor. He heads out on the next leg of his journey grabbing an orange umbrella as he goes, using it to float for a few floors before it gives out. One well place awning and a pineapple delivery truck later Chuckles is on his way to Waikiki Beach.

FrontMullet posts. Whatever €œIt is done€ links to however is lost, most likely due to thread locking, but chances are this was the announcement of his finishing up the MOTBC summaries. <span class="ev_code_RED">(Go FM! W00T! *does happy dance*)</span> <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">(What are you doing here Tora?)</span> <span class="ev_code_RED">(well I just had to drop by to see FM!)</span> In commemoration: Tuesday June 15, 2004, near the end of page 5 of Experimental Program 1 €" Part 2.

Thietris has a conversation with Mother-In-Law on his cell phone. Kestryll eats lunch at the Side Door while laughing at the MotBC summaries. Natika soon joins on congregation at the Side Door. Quahog discovers Yeesha returns the paintings stolen by Sharper, acquires Sharper€s Relto and a warning not to use the booby trpped Nexus books, and links through Sharper€s €œThe D€ni Choir€ linking book.

Cordie and RW spent a couple days documenting the hanging garden in the cliff. They trip a booby trap and find themselves trapped in a tomb-like enclosure without anyway out, food, or water, and a limited amount of air. Remembering their Reltos, they try to link out €" and nothing happens. <span class="ev_code_BROWN">(DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!)</span>

As Veronica guts the file cabinets and scares Saveedro in the other room with the noise, Grizz finds an old charred drawing. Nica concludes it is showing an opening in the pinnacle with the Journey Cloth in Gahreesen. They forget about Savee and race off to the Maintainers€ Age.

Chuckles continues his adventure at the crowded Waikiki beach. Wilson the volleyball marks this as his 1000th post.

Leaving the Bahro Caves Summary on the table Kestryll leaves the Side Door after scaring Natika with his insane smile.

Veronica amazingly makes the jump to the pinnacle on the first try, then knocks Grizz over the edge in her excitement. <span class="ev_code_BROWN">(must she always do her nails?)</span> <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">(well that€s Veronica for you. Now be quiet Neko, this is just getting to the good part!)</span> Grizz gets back around the same time Kestryll decides on a visit to Gahreesen. Kest yells at Nica to move so he can come over, Grizz makes the jump and drops his partner over the edge, and then lets Kest over. Kest makes his way down and wanders the forest, trying to keep his designer shoes from being damaged and his person from being eaten.

Grizz and Veronica find the hidden crack and an even more hidden ladder (http://img24.photobucket.com/albums/v73/Olfar/pinsec.jpg). They start the dark descent.
Kest jumps into a ravine to avoid a rock slide before continuing to folow a map given to him by some €œMichael€ person.

Jeff confesses leaving his Relto book on his Relto and Thietris finds his own relto book is not in the tree but on his Relto as well. They yell for help. <span class="ev_code_BROWN">(The buzzards laugh at them)</span>

Merlin and Almech appear on Garternay. Huge, majestic, and immense is the Age, with its too-near moon and low red sun. In Mysti Sage€s won words: €œan atmosphere of serene beauty, and an undercurrent of impending doom.€ <span class="ev_code_WHITE">(couldn€t have said it better myself!)</span>

Elkae drops by the DISCO for supplies and greets PD and GT who are helping themselves to the fig newtons.

As their cries for help die away, Thietris and Jeff spot a caravan approaching. With camels. And flowing white robes. <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">(what is this, the Sahara Desert?)</span> The two are shanghaied and dragged off on camel-back to an unknown destination....

Cordelia and RW sit trapped in the Kadish Vault going over €œif onlys€ and trying not to succumb to claustrophobia. At the nut store Bietris has a conversation with her mother. <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">(Thietris€ wife has an account on the Ubi forums? How strange!)</span> Elkae heads out on her exploration and finds her way in Kadish closed off. As Elkae works on reopening the door, she unknowingly has an affect on the occupants inside. As Cordie and RW are rescued, they must tangle with darkness, closing walls, and dwindling water and food rations. Elkae eventually links to the Gallery for directions.

Below Gahreesen, both explorers are happy the air down there is fresh and Veronica presses a button which turns on the lights.
In the Vault, Cordelia discovers three puzzles on the tiles and the two know only one will get them out.
Moving away from the Cleft, Jeff finds himself having vast troubles trying to ride his camel.
Back in the Vault Cordie tries a puzzle and brings the roof down. Elkae makes it through one puzzle to be stuck at another. As Elkae tries to remember how the light/shadow path puzzle goes Crodelia and RW begin to run out of air in their now-smaller prison. Elkae finally makes her way to the pillar room.

On Garternay, Merlin and Almech find they can€t interact with the world at all. Not even to leave footprints. They do their best to explore considering they can€t open any doors and have to wait for the unsuspecting Garternay people to open places for them.

Elkae makes it into her Vault and closes the door. Apparently she isn€t in the same Kadish Tolesa as the two trapped explorers after all... In an artifact she finds a secret code in D€ni but has no idea what puzzle it goes with. <span class="ev_code_WHITE">(usually we find things the other way around €" a puzzle but no clues)</span>

Chuckles finds his fourth conch shell at a kite flying party. Back at Moesha€s office he commandeers a rug and uses it to parasail to a dormant volcano.

Elkae decides the 6 numbers of the code should be entered into a Universal Remote Control. She takes an hour to read the instruction manual before beginning, with no idea at the end if she€s done it correctly.

In the DISCO PD and GT find the section where the red tape should be but find an inoperable elevator there instead. They try to get it working.

After a good couple of hours of nothing Elkae realizes the code is missing 2 and 6. Trying both combinations she gets 62 to work, and a door opens to the left of the Journey Cloth. She finds an elaborate chamber and decides on taking a bath. Which gets interrupted by an irate Cordelia and an embarrassed RW. Codelia is eventually grateful and RW just wants a bath himself.

Merlin and Almech wander down into a library and find Ri€neref€s journal about his first link into the Age which would come to be called D€ni.

In the Gahreesen underbrush Kestryll wakes up from his nap and discovers Fizzgig. Fizzgig follows Kest to the Maintainer entrance where both barely escape a large hungry beast. The furball falls asleep in Kest€s arms. <span class="ev_code_BROWN">(Oh, so that€s how that furball made it to the A&C!)</span>

Chuckles€ rug gives out and he falls to the volcano. Landing in front of a building which looks suspiciously like the Library on Myst Island, he browses the bookshelves full of books on National Parks and assorted oddities.

Elkae finally wraps up in a towel and RW finally gets to start his bath. And so ends page 9.


<span class="ev_code_WHITE">Well that€s the beginning of the end. I mean the end of the beginning. I mean €"</span>
<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">He means we finished summarizing the first 9 pages of Part 2.</span>
<span class="ev_code_WHITE">Yeah, that€s it.</span>
<span class="ev_code_BROWN">And it was incredibly boring too!</span>
<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Then why don€t you go back to the Hotel, Neko?</span>
<span class="ev_code_BROWN">Because I like boring. Plenty of opportunities to nap.</span>
<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Neko you furball!</span>
<span class="ev_code_BROWN">Sahara you runt!</span>
<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">You lazy cat!</span>
<span class="ev_code_BROWN">Why thank you. You€re too kind.</span>
<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Aaaaaaaaargh!</span>
<span class="ev_code_WHITE">Sahara and Neko€s conflicting opinions aside, this one is indeed done. See you next time folks! This is Phil Henderson, signing off.</span>
<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Now you sound like a reporter. Honestly.</span>
<span class="ev_code_BROWN">Men.</span>
<span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Indubitably.</span>
<span class="ev_code_WHITE">Oh sure, now you two agree.</span>

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Nice commentary. I never knew how ExP1-2 started, but thanks for the abridged version. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

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Fine work Toraneko, you're doing a great job. It also makes for a good excuse to go back and read it again. My we've had a lot of fun here.

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Hrm, I wonder where Tora has gone...

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I think she's away for a few days or a week. She'll be back soon, though.

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Her school starts in a couple of weeks, she told me. Right now she's getting her head together for it, and moving, and what not.

And um, http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/10.gif vegging just a bit, I hear...

She's been hanging with Neko too long! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

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