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07-19-2005, 05:02 PM
still a beta so van be bugs in it, if you found any bugs e-mail me to ablecompany@hotmail.com

screen: http://photobucket.com/albums/b105/ablecompany/?action=...t=DeftecFogBeta0.bmp (http://photobucket.com/albums/b105/ablecompany/?action=view&current=DeftecFogBeta0.bmp)

comming soon:

Deftec Sunrise
Deftec Rain
Deftec Thunder
Deftec Snow + snow camo for spy


````im like the moon, im up at night````

07-19-2005, 09:46 PM
nice, alot of deftec's, while the map isnt even played -_- , and now we have to go trough 7 DIFFERENT Deftec's while we dont even want the first one...

07-21-2005, 03:10 PM
At least he hasn't been banned for being an "a55hole" on about 10 different accounts.

07-21-2005, 04:22 PM
though i dunno how old YOU are...you behave like a child...so either stfu or leave, i dun think anyone wants guys like you in the forums...

i could bet youre now responding with either a huge collection of insultings or with a totally dumb post which makes u think ure better but actually just causes everyone to grin about the stupidness in letters.

well or ure not responding at all because i just wrote this....

akbari IS right, the deftech variations are of no use because just noone is gonna play them (though i like original deftech) and chaosdevil is right as well....

07-21-2005, 08:22 PM
problem is: ure NOT speakin thruth. they ARE right, whatever you say, and im free to chose my side and my opinion, and when i wanna say they are right then i may say they are right and im not "ridin their sacks". thats what we germans call "freedom"
seems to be a mistake in ur american might that i ent got the "freedom" of speech because its not true in ur eyes, huh?

07-21-2005, 11:30 PM
Sorry Kream of A**, you are wrong, U are NOT posting in an American forum, you DO NOT contain the freedom of saying what you want in the forums. I tell you what YOU DO have the freedom for, and that is being a total ***, You can be that ANYWHERE, and again you are proving it to us in da forums, Why dont you just leave. Is it becuase some one wants you here? Please some one tell me, By a show of hands, Can Some one tell me who wants DImz here?.....ahh....no one. Okay... so leave? would that be too much to ask? or do u lack the concept of respect too, wait...why am I asking that, I know that you do.

07-22-2005, 05:28 AM
dont hate me because im better than you

i hate ppl who say they are better than others.
i dont say so, why do you.

hey its not that i would say ure a complete a55hole, i never do and amybe ure a nice guy, but this sh1t here is pissing me off now so whatabout just stfu up everyone including me to prevent endless annoying flamewars-.-

1.) everyone has the freedom to post in this forum
2.) everyone is restricted to the forum rules

so lets stop it at this point.

at least i will

07-22-2005, 05:32 AM
Agreed, everyone please just keep any flames to yourself.
Lets not perpetuate this problem.

07-22-2005, 08:23 AM
In the end one picture is more than a thousand words. And the picture is, you got banned 2 (or more?) times. Thats a fact big enough for me.

07-22-2005, 11:02 AM
well you are willin to accept very little and feel a boat load of comfort from it , much like your mild and easygoing acceptance of your freakishly insignificant ***** size lolz ...

well ok , i was banned , but why hoezar ? cause i dissed people and conducted " personal attacks " on the people who were "personally attacking " me ...

the nitwits at ubisoft , well theyre not the sharpest bunch of lads , to put it lightly . however they do possess loan-shark-like buisness instincts , and seem to capitalize on evey good oportunity possible , except for their failed attempt to join forces with EA Games ( which btw i am really happy about , and i hope that other gaming comapnies , large and small , follow this general rule of thumb ; ubisoft are like drug pushers , and the worst kind of dealer possible , they taint their " products " with antics such as giving their customers a poor editor , which works only when the user is quite advanced and knows the "fixes " for the normally non-existent errors and random crashes , patches for games that are not even worth mentioning , unless yourea serious CT wanna-be who need to immerse themselves in a mediocre enviironment of gameplay , and makin it well noted that they "are doing everything in theiir power to correct any issues with the product ...

ut2004 , though i admit i hate bots with a seething passion , has a very solid and stable unreal editor , and i give mad props to epic games for producing such a beautiful and intricate piece of software . it works near flawlessly , all of the features that were meant to be in its editor is there and fully functional , they did not ram their fanbase with a broomstick from the rear , but ubisoft however , being the immature and greedy pr!cks that the are , took full advantage of the broomstick scenario and even diminished its products , so deeply in fact , that they also had a good laugh to their bank after the episode was over .

the scct ed is widely known as a piece of horse droppin's , and its functionality is lacking nearly everything that makes ut2004's editor so great . no terrain editor/generator ; i know many of you have realized that this is a feature which would have made the editor much more acceptable , that is if alot of the missing features were also included . however , the terain editor would not even be valuable to any of us , given the piss poor state the watered-down version of this editor is in . the terrain editor would not even function properly from what i have witnessed in the rest of the editor ... this scct editor is highly unstable , and it seems to many of us that it was pre-programmed to crash at valuable points in time , and this definitely has the effect of hindering us from even maintaining the patience to even continue using it .

while i know enough about unreal ed to produce a decent map , i do not have the will to use such a 5hitty version that has been stripped of most of the important functionalities that should be present . i can understand where ubi is comin from though ; and thier standpoint on buisness is quite clear if you paid any attention to the "ravensheild incident " . what happened was , potential ravenshield customers , and even the consumers who purchased thr game , were totally screwed by ubi soft , because ubi made promises to release an SDK for the title , and never kept their word . their tactics are clear , they bamboozled thousands , and even more than that , out of the 40-60 $ (US ; the equivalent in other currencies are near equal so the damage done is arguably the same )for the title , in which a large percent of those who purchased the game did so solely for the sdk , to release modifications . if you dont know how big modding is , or dont even know what a total conversion mod is , you can take a look at the countless modifications registered at : http://www.moddb.com/ . while none of these mods are for ravenshield ( because there was never an sdk released , which was publicy announced as being a "work in progress" ), you could take a look at a game like ut2004 , Half Life 2 , or a lesser game ( at least in techonlogical quility ) such as GTA: vice city , and see the large number of midifications that are either in production , or have been released in full or in beta or demo form , not to mention the mods that arent even registered on the mod database ; and then take into account what ive mentioned earlier ; that ubisoft promised publicly that an sdk would be available for download upon release of the title .

now some of you will try to back ubi and say " we werent ripped off , you dont know what the hell youre talkin about " . but if you look at the facts logically , and please do not leave out the importance of the "ravenshield incident"'s importance , it is completely obvious , blatant and undisputed evidence that ubi soft corporation does not give half a deuce about its customers , and that they will lie , cheat , and steal , to get more loot from you . in addition the proof that they have no consciences in their greedy little cerebrums for exploiting countless customers ... and for the record , ubi soft over-powered the mild yet adequate company ( or corporation , if they avcheived such a status ) of Red Storm Entertainment , ultimately buying the rights to produce the 3rd installment of the famous " tom clancy's rainbow six " series , and they made a half assed production of it . many , many patches claiming bug fixes and added features were nothing more than attempt from ubi soft to "blind gamers from the reality of the true disaster that is "tom clancy's rainbow six 3 : RavenSheild ".

if any of you are willing to discuss the facts posted here , or would like to sign a petition to boycott ubi soft corporation from obtaining rights to produce more sequels or re-makes of currently adequate titles , and ideally stop them from aquiring any more buisness establishments which can do just as well without Ubi's overly-aggressive , devious , scandalous , and heartless methods of operational buisness techniques , then please feel free to reply to this thead ; and if it seems logical , granted that enough people understand whats really going on behind " corporate doors " , and would like some satisfaction for their losses , beit monetary or otherwise , then a new thread may be initiated , and we will see what we can do to douse the flames of corruption which ubi soft corporation , being the sadistic and pyromaniacally excited band of fairy men they are , have ignited in this interesting , lucrative , and productive industry .

07-22-2005, 11:18 AM
Hey dim, I noticed you deleted all of your flame posts in the forum. Thank you! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

07-22-2005, 04:25 PM
I feel like an idiot, I just posted and he deleted his post.