View Full Version : Cant play online and other problems..

04-28-2010, 06:07 PM
I cannot connect to any games nor can i host them.I tried going to splinter cell match but it tells me it cannot find splinter cell and that i need to link my game profile to it...wtf? i have no option to do that.Yes i have a uplay account an I have redeemed everything but that wallpaper.I want to know why i cant connect? Is anyone else having this problem? When i say i cant connect i say it sets at looking for any game that matches your preferences it stays there forever..Or tells me the server is down witch I dont think it is.
Also theres 3 guns that i cannot use as of yet even thought i know i picked up 2 of them in the Iraq mission. they are blacked out.If anyone can help it would be great.