View Full Version : ingame problem

10-13-2010, 07:41 AM
so i bought the game 2 days ago and i installed the game and after starting and creating the game account (i play on PC) i started the game and in the first chapter when ezio the baby comes an i must press the buttons then comes my problem i pressed the buttons a hundred times and nothing happened i made a game restart and a new storymode and i have always the same problem can someone help me plz or had someone the same problem (sry about my english i know its very bad)

10-13-2010, 07:43 AM
First your english is no way the worst i have seen on here your making a stab at it so fair play to you mate. As for your problem well i am not ssure not one i have ever herd of have you tried pressing other keys?

10-13-2010, 09:08 AM
Try going into control options and then restting to default or changing them.

10-13-2010, 09:30 AM
thanks for your tips im going to apply them as fast as possible when it shoudlnt work im gonna reinstall the game and check everthing thanks http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

10-13-2010, 10:44 AM
i thought about that waht you said but i think you didnt understand it i cann press the buttons who are making the baby moving but i clicked the buttons a 15 minutes and there nothing happened so i hope you understand it this time ^^ sry