View Full Version : accidentally created and linked project legacy to a new account how can i switch it?

01-08-2011, 11:00 AM
When I started project legacy I had forgotten I had originally used an old email account for my xbox 360 gamertag linked uplay account. I finally figured out the right password and username but I am pretty far in project legacy on the new uplay account. I have tried logging in to the facebook uplay app with the correct linked uplay account but the when I try to sync brotherhood via my 360 it says that there is nothing to sync, even though I have bought all the properties in rome.

How can I get the project legacy app to recognize the correct uplay account so my bonuses can finally transfer to brotherhood?

(additional info i did unlock 2 uplay actions with the new account and redeemed 2 rewards with the new account. dunno if that would have any type of effect)