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11-27-2008, 09:32 AM
I think, I have saving problems when playing in career mode.
I play it at 100% realism and I am at mission 7.
To stop to play in a mission and saving and exit is no problem.
Restarting it is the problem. After choosing my carreer in the menu, choosing my last save. The program starts loading. At the end of loading the red bar, just as it's about to go into the game the screen goes black. Waiting a while I receives an error message.
My DVD has version b1.4 included. I am playing it the normal way without changing something.
Like I always had a lot of trouble with the savings, I take copies of SH3 in the folder "My documents " , so I always can restart from an earlier saving.
But now, everything I try fails.
I always can start a new career. I never have problems to start the 1st mission.
I restarted career mission 1. Even when I do a save in there, the program won't restart from that point.

Other remarks: At 2 different times, different missions,
- a cargo ship disappeared in front of me, like it had been sunk by ??????????????????
- a cargo ship disappeared in front of me, from the screen, vanished. ( It should have run into an other cargo I suppose, which has been sunk, in undeep waters. You could see that one.

3,3Ghz Intel
1GB memory
160GB HD
X1550 Ati sapphire

How do I fix this? Many thanks in advance.

11-28-2008, 04:00 PM
Welcome aboard, joball2008.

Sorry to say - I have no solution for your problem. I never had any problems with Vanilla 1.4b.

But I had/have the same problems since 14 days.
I'm running GWX2.0 and some minor modifications now.
I lost a career in fall 1943 due to these annoying save game problems. I couldn't even start a single player mission.
I deleted the complete SH3 installation and reinstalled the game and GWX2.0.

And now I ram into neutral ships without warning of my lookout, sink ships and get no credits, find single merchants popping up at the map at 1700 meters distance only to find them sunken in shallow waters. And again while sailing home my lookout fails and three DDs are shooting at me. Of course they sunk me!

I don't know what happened, but it's not funny at all.

I remember some comments about problems with savegames. Allways save on the surface after you made sure no units are in sensor range.
(Make a hydrophone sweep!)

Do you run any additional software while playing?

11-29-2008, 02:38 AM
I don't use additional software.
I had these saving problems also in the past but then I was playing at 70% realism.
So I started again at 100%. And the same with me, about 14 days ago those problems restarted. I succeded to go futher, but now I loosses my 7 patrols, and that's not funny at all.
I remember, Microsoft did am automatique update as they do from time to time, and afterwards problems started. Is there a relation?

11-29-2008, 10:13 AM
I don't use the windows update function at all. There are other methods to keep the system up to date. But your idea is quite stunning as it corelates with the latest security updates from MS. Let's hope there is no connection.

We should see an increase in complaints about misfunctions - well at least from those who care for their systems.

Maybe you want to try a clean new setup of the game and start a new career?

11-29-2008, 12:08 PM
It's not fun if I have to restart everything again, and probebly having the same problem in future again. All those lost houres.
The game has also the bad habit of going over from multiple accelleration to 8 or to 1, without giving a sound. So you need allways to keep an eye on it.
Second bad habit ( arrives sometimes, when plane or ship is seen at multiple speed) is that you receives a window with different messages to choose from.
You need to click on the window, instead of using the keyboard.(loosing time)I wood prefer the guys yelling what action to take.
No, if I restart, there need a to be a new challenge.
For the moment, I will wait to see if there is a solution to my problem.
Maybe supermods can give me a new callenge, but installations, does'nt look very easy.
Maybe it should be explained with a tree structure, and what the gain is.
Explaining the total installation with printscreens would probebly also help a lot.
Hopefully GWX 3.0 will help new players with all these problems.

11-29-2008, 05:21 PM
Well - in your case (running no mods) it should be no problem to reinstall SH3.
Simply use the windows deinstallation routine, delete the SH3 folder in your "Own Data" folder and run the installation routine from your DVD.
(assuming you have the DVD). Install the latest patch 1.4b (if necessary) and you are ready to play.

That's a job of 5 or 6 minutes!

There is a voice command programm available. Sorry I have no link but you can use the board search function to find it.

Installation of the supermods is not that hard as you may think.
For GWX get the seven BIN and the single EXE files and put them into one folder. Start the EXE and there you are.

Use the JSGME to install or remove additional modifications. It's very easy to do. Read the manual.

11-30-2008, 07:32 PM
The deal with the disappearing ships is, when they reach their last scripted waypoint they disappear. Whole convoys will disappear the same way too.

11-30-2008, 08:21 PM
Hope these suggestions may help you:
Good Save Guide:

1.When starting the game the 1st time create a dummy career. I.E. start one, sail out of port 200km, save, then save and exit and never touch that career again, leave it there, and start a new career with a different name.

With your proper career

1. Never save within 50km of land
2. Never save within visual contact of other vessels
4. Never save underwater
3. Never overwrite an existing save.

You may or may not ever have issues with some or all of this guide, but as a victim of the save bug, this was good advice.

P.S. anyone add to these rules if I missed any please.

12-20-2008, 05:04 PM
Heys guys i have the exact same problem with joball and dont know how to save my excisting career.Its frustrating to start over at a beggining of a mission and know the problem might come back... any solution for loading the save i cant normally load.I am underwater besides a small convoy....

12-20-2008, 11:50 PM
P.S. anyone add to these rules if I missed any please.

Never add or remove a mod while saved at sea, only while in port between patrols.