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08-18-2006, 05:48 PM
A recopilation of numbers about the U-Boot war.That give us a perspective of the activities of the German submarines in WWII.

Total number ships and tonnage sunk 2927 ships with 14.915.921 tons
Commander with record sunk tonnage KptLt Otto Kretschmer(U-23, U-35, U-99)266.629 t(44 ships)
More succeful U-Boot U-48(VIIB) 318.111 tons ( 51 ships,1 warship,3 ship damaged)
Record one ship tonnage sunk U-32(VIIA) Passenger ship Empress of Britain(British 42.348 t)
One ship small tonnage sunk U-24(IIB) Landing Craft DB-36(Soviet 9 t)
Best month of enemy ships sunk Jun 1942 with 136 ships
Best month of tonnage enemy sunk Jun 1942 with 636.926 tons
Worst month of enemy ships sunk April 1940 with 0 ships-May 1944 with 4 ships
Worst month of tonnage enemy sunk Oct 1944 with 1659 tons
Worst month in U-boot losses May 1943 with 41 U-Boot losses
Worst year in U-Boot losses 1943 with 235 U-Boots
Worst day in U-Boot losses at port 30-03-45 with 6 U-boots(U-96,U-348,U-350,U-870,U-1167,U-2340) Worst day in U-boot losses at sea 06-05-43 with 5 U-Boots(U-125,U-192,U-438,U-531,U-630)
Best U-boot in warship sunk tonnage U-99(VIIB)(KptLt O.Kretschmer)with 46.440 tons
Best U-Boot in one warship tonnage sunk U-331(VIIC)(ObLt V.Tiesenhausen)HMS Barham(31.100 t)
Best allied U-boot killer ship Sloop HMS Starling with 13 U-Boots destroyed
Best allied U-boot killer carrier (HK) US Navy CVE-9 Bogue with 12 U-Boots destroyed
Best US carrier antisubmarine squadron US Navy VC-9 with 9 U-Boots destroyed
More longuer U-Boot hunter and kill 27 hours for sink U-172(IXC)(ObLt H.Hoffmann)
Max of U-Boots in one convoy attack 43 U-Boots in the attack of HX-229 and SC-122
Best score from U-Boots in convoy attack 20 ships in SC-7(79.592 tons)(16-10-40 -7 U-Boots)
Best score from U-Boots in convoy attack(tons) 102.311 tons(16 ships) in PQ-17(07-42)
U-Boot with more neutral ships sinks U-19(IIB) with 11 neutral ships sink(10-39 03-40)
Best U-boot in patrol time duration U-196(IXD2)(KrvKpt Kentrat)with 225 days at sea
Best U-Boot in patrol numbers U-552(VIIC)(KrvKpt Topp) 15 patrols
Best U-boot in patrol record ships sunk U-107(IXB)(KptLt G. Hessler)14 ships(03-41-07-41)
Best U-boot in patrol record tonnage sunk U-107(IXB)(KptLt G. Hessler)86.699 tons(03-41-07-41)
First allied ship sunk Passenger ship Athenia(British 13.581 t)by U-30(VIIA)(KptLt Lemp)03-09-39
Last allied ship sunk Merchant Sneland I(Norway 1791 t)by U-2336(XXIII)(KptLt Klusmeier)07-05-45
First Allied warship sunk Carrier Courageous by U-29(VIIA)(kptLt O.Schuhart) the 17-09-39
First Royal Navy warship sunk Carrier Courageous by U-29(VIIA)(kptLt O.Schuhart) the 17-09-39
First French warship sunk Submarine Doris by U-9(ObLt W.Luth) the 09-05-40
First US Navy warship sunk DD-245 Reuben James by U-552(VIIC)(KrvKpt Topp) the 31-10-41
First Soviet Navy warship sunk Submarine M-78 by U-144(IID)(KptLt Mittelstaedt)the 23-06-41
Last Allied warship sunk Trawler HMS Ebor Wyke by U-979(VIIC)(KptLt J.Meermeier)02-05-45
Last Royal Navy warship sunk Trawler HMS Ebor Wyke by U-979(VIIC)(KptLt J.Meermeier)02-05-45
Last US Navy warship sunk DE-136 Frederick C.Davis by U-546(IXC40(KptLt P.Just)the 24-04-45
Last Soviet Navy warship sunk DD Dejatelnyj by U-956(VIIC)(KptLt Mohs)the 16-01-45
First U-Boot destroyed by the Allied U-39(IX)(KptLt Gerhard Gattes)14-09-39
Last U-Boot destroyed by the Allied U-320(VIIC)(ObLt H.Emmrich)08-05-45 by PBY 210 Sqd
First U-Boot destroyed by plane U-64(IXB)(KptLt G. W.Schulz)Norway-13-04-40 by Swordfish
First U-Boot destroyed by submarine U-36(VIIA)(KptLt K.Ewerth)04-12-39 sunk by HMS Salmon
First U-boot destroyed by Hedgehog U-581(VIIC)(KptLt W.Pfeifer)02-02-42 sunk by HMS Wescott
First U-Boot destroyed by the Royal Navy U-39(IX)(KptLt Gerhard Gattes)14-09-39
First U-Boot destroyed by the US Navy U-85(VIIB)(KptLt E.Greger)14-04-42 by the US DD Roper
First U-Boot destroyed by the Soviet Navy U-144(IID)(ObLt F.V.Hippel)10-08-41 by the SS Shch-307
First U-Boot destroyed by mines U-12(IIB)(KptLt D.V.D Ropp)08-10-39 in the English Channel
First U-boot captured U-570(VIIC)(KptLt Hans Joachim Rahmlow)27-08-41
Most produce U-Boot type VIIC 568 U-Boots builded of this type
Most fast dive U-Boot type IIC IID 25 seconds
Most slow dive U-Boot type IX series 35 seconds XB series 40 seconds
Max depth U-Boot capacity 270m VIIC/42 280m Type XXI

08-19-2006, 03:01 AM
Great Post.

What stikes me most is the patrol of 225 days by U-196. I realy wonder in what state that crew returned home. Ofcourse they had some stops for supplying, but still 225 days in a metal tube. Respect http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif

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My head hurts! really interesting post Danelov, thanks very much. Was this from a book or a website or something?

08-19-2006, 06:35 AM
Really a mix of differentes books,magazines,web sites and other references.The informations are sometimes quite different or contradictory about the same subject.