View Full Version : Would it be Possible...

10-25-2004, 05:05 PM
Its obvious some people are not happy with some aspect with RvS atm. Some people disliked things about the new 1.6 patch.

I can understand that UBI is most probally busy with its new titles like GR2 etc and creating a patch for another game might not be high on there to-do list.

Im just wonder if there is anything that the RvS Community could actually do to help. There are alot of RvS Mod teams out there that would love to help out. Futher more they might even enjoy being part of fixing some issues with the game as well as offering suggestions and new ideas.

Some people really like this game and helping its community grow and flurish. Im sure they would be more than willing to let and help that is required.

Think this will ever be a possibility?